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Face Shields Have Become The Hottest Fashion Accessory. Shilpa Shetty And Ananya Panday Have Already Given Their Nod

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The pandemic shelved regular seasons on the fashion calendar and made every month look like the same. However, it introduced an entirely unique category for new trends that came to be known as quarantine trends that you now need to flaunt to be in the know. We saw the biggest global brands and fashion leaders wielding their styling and designing skills to make the most out of the situation, giving birth to pandemic fashion. This includes debuting fresh fashion categories, new lockdown styles and turning the basic survival tools into runway trends.

For example, surgical masks got a glamorous makeover (think embroidered, sequinned and printed masks) and soon there were accessories that came with it like mask chains. Another protective tool that is extremely effective in keeping you safe from the virus is a face shield. And, as it turns out, it just got elevated to being the coolest fashion accessory of the season.

If you are thinking of the lean and springy travel face covers that you get on the plane, we’d like you to stop immediately. Those are efficient but if you want to level up your pandemic style, you have to take a look at these super chic face shields. These are flattering, non-boring shields that would do the same job while making you look like a space-age fashionista. A lot of fashion forward celebs like Priyanka Chopra, Shilpa Shetty and Sunny Leone have also stepped out wearing the chic face shield and we can’t help but notice how good it looks. 


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Besides being protective and life-saving, these face shields are also more comfortable and effective than face masks. For one, they don’t suffocate since it is worn at a considerable distance from your face that makes it easier to breathe. Plus, it keeps the air-borne virus from coming in contact with your entire face. Face masks can’t cover eyes but this transparent shield lets you cover your face and be protected from head to neck. Plus, It is glasses friendly too. There’s another reason why it’s such a hit among celebs and fashion peeps. It protects your face from UV rays, dust and pollution, which means less skin woes. Plus, it doesn’t ruin your makeup and lets you show it off while keeping yourself safe, a luxury face masks don’t offer. So it’s a win-win.   

Although fully transparent shields look super chic and classy, you can go for other cute and fun options. Face shields with an ombre effect, printed and other aesthetics are also picking up. Never though we’d be choosing a type of face shield but here we are. Look at some of the most fashionable face shield styles we spotted on Instagram that are making us invest in these babies too.


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This tinted face shield is too cool to forget at home.


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Did someone reimagined Snapchat’s flower crown filter into a face shield?

Forget embellished face masks, embellished face shields are here to stay.


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Who needs a matching accessory when you can wear an ombre shield with your outfit.

A floral painted face shield for when you feel pretty.

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