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Sushmita Sen Turns Down Adoption Speculation With Adorable Tweet

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Celebrities are subjected to the most random rumours ever. A celebrity could literally breathe in another’s direction and the media will start making speculations about their relationship. Sushmita Sen was subjected to the same just this morning. Earlier today the news of Sushmita Sen having adopted a little boy was going viral. Speculations were made about the actress having had allegedly adopted a son as a third child after her daughters Renee and Alisah. However, Sushmita subtly and gracefully slammed the rumours down.

After rumours flew of Sushmita Sen having potentially adopted a little boy, the actress decided to charmingly put the speculations at rest. The video that caused this frenzy showed Sushmita with her daughters Renee and Alisah. Later on, a little boy carried by another woman came entered the frame and Sushmita held his hand. 

Sushmita shut the rumours down by taking to Twitter and posting a picture with the young boy. The adorable kid is sitting on the bonnet of a car smiling cheekily. Sushmita is standing next to him seemingly having a conversation with him. She captioned the Twitter post saying, “Having a chat with my Godson Amadeus about the random news concerning him, going viral in the media…his expression says it all!!! Picture courtesy: Sreejaya (Amadeus’s mom)”

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So clearly we were all losing our minds over a rumour. But, can you blame us for all the enthusiasm? Sushmita has been in the news a lot after her announcement about her split with boyfriend Rohman Shawl. 

Well, while I was genuinely super excited for Sushmita Sen to be adopting a third child, I am also amused by the turn of events. I also love how calm but sassily turned down all the speculations. Sushmita Sen exudes grace at every single opportunity and this just shows that!

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