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‘Stranger Things 4’ Vol. 2 Incoming And Here Are Some Things We Totally Expect To See!

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Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1 turned our world Upside Down the moment it came out and in fact, much before that. It took the internet by storm, and we laughed and cried and were terrified for the lives of our beloved characters. We also met some new ones and fell in love with them, like Eddie Munson, our D&D king! And that Vecna origin story… who saw that coming? I totally had not. It left us at the edge of our seats, excited to see what might occur in Season 2 when Vecna and Eleven face off and the Hawkins gang, separated, reunites. The Duffer Brothers have confirmed that we can expect 5 deaths this season! OMG hyperventilating!

With mere hours before Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 1 drops, here are some things that I hope to see in the second volume, FINGERS CROSSED!

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6 Things We Hope To See In Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 2

1. Hop (Jim Hopper) moving in with the Byers

Since Joyce and Hop are practically married now (yes, she took his last name for her new identity and yes, it was adorably unexpected) and El is living with the Byers, it will be like finally completing the family. This is bound to bring in its share of new twists and turns too. The cute banter of Joyce and Hop has surely been missed and we really hope to see it come back to the screens.

2. Vecna comes out of the “Upside-Down” into the real world

We are looking forward to seeing Vecna coming out of his world. But, we also believe that he will be disguised as somebody close to Dustin and his group of friends. We all know Dustin is the most lovable of them all and the one who is most likely to take in a foreign creature or person. This will keep us on the edge of our seats and if it happens, all hell is bound to break loose.

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3. Steve and Eddie making it out alive

Steve who is still in the Upside Down, will he go to Nancy’s rescue? Will he jump out and get help? Will he be able to free Nancy? Will he make it out alive? On the other hand, Eddie who is in the mess of being accused of being a cold-blooded murderer, will he be able to prove he is innocent? Will the reveal to the world the mystery of “upside-down”? will he have to flee or will he start living the Upside Down? So many questions and it’s about time for the answers to come forth.

But please, Oh Lord, save Steve Harrington and Eddie Munson, my lovelies!

4. Suzie meeting Dustin and us, getting a ‘Never-ending Story’ Part 2

Suzie and Dustin are destined to be the cutest couple in Stranger Things and also, of course, a smart-ass couple. We can’t wait for Suzie Poo and Dusty Bun to reunite and instantly burst into their song. We want to see them uniting and of course, the story that comes with it, as fans, we relish that.

5. More interesting stories about Steve, Robin and others

It will build up the character if we get to know a little more about the background of all of them. We would like to see them with their families, their childhood or just maybe more scenes of all of them having fun and chilling. Stranger Things need to bring back the happy group elements that we saw in the beginning, we’d like to see that closeness on our screens again.

6. Finally addressing Will’s sexuality

I love Will as a character in Stranger Things and the one thing which has only been in the background and hasn’t been addressed wholly in the show yet is Will’s sexuality. We would like to see him opening up and how he learns to accept and love himself for it. And also how Mike, Lucas and Dustin and his family accept it and help him. We want to see that wholesome moment hit us with tears that we would never be able to hold back.

But considering Noah Schnapp just dropped this…

We’re screaming right now! Is Will dying? Did something happen to Mike or any of the other gang members? Did he confess his feelings? WHAT?

These are some things that we all hope to see in the upcoming volume but, as always, the creators of the show are used to subjecting us to super unexpected plot twists and turns, therefore, it’s always really hard to guess what might happen. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait a lot, the volume hits the screens today and we will finally get to see what happens next in our beloved show. Are you as excited as I am? You better be!

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