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‘Liger’ ‘Aafat’ Song Review: Vijay, Ananya Are Hot, But What Is With Those Sexist Lyrics?

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Whenever a song is yet to be released, the audience always anticipates for it to be good or something that might give them a break from the same old tunes and lyrics. However, to be very honest, these expectations are met only on a few occasions in present times. Most of the songs these days are bringing nothing new to the table. To add to the list of another disappointing song, was a new release from the movie Liger titled ‘Aafat’. It was a much-anticipated song from the movie after the massive hit of ‘Akdi Padki.’ However, ‘Aafat’, composed by Tanisk Bagchi and featuring the leads Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Pandey had nothing new to offer except the on-screen couple’s sizzling chemistry. Well, the locations too!


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Liger’s new song ‘Aafat’ was dropped on August 6, Saturday. It has been composed by Tanishk Bagchi and he is also one of the lead singers alongside Zahrah Khan. The lyrics of the song have been penned down by Rashmi Virag. Okay, now talking about the song. It starts with very peculiar music and some lyrics which are hard to decode, at least in the first two-three times of hearing the song. The song has been set in a beachy location and gives us some visual treats with water and gigantic rocky landscapes in the background. The location kind of sets the easy-breezy mood for the listener but not for very long. The music of the song is very quirky and upbeat, however, the lyrics that go along with it are the actual turn-off. The lyrics are basically about the guy describing the girl’s youth as “aafat”, a Hindi word to denote that something is very disastrous but of course as a compliment here. The lyrics written for the girl’s character highlight the submissive nature.  The lyrics are sexist and it will just make you question a WHY throughout! Especially when a dialogue hits in between the song when Ananya’s character says “Bhagwaan ke liye chor do mujhe,” why? Ananya Pandey and Vijay Deverakonda groove on these lyrics and showcase some sexy dance moves. The hook step of the song is quite different and well, in sync with the beats of the music. 

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This song will definitely be a hit but what might work here is the lead couple’s chemistry and the catchy music. The lyrics are a disaster. Till when will songs try to earn popularity based on the monotonous composition of sexist and demeaning lyrics about a woman synced with some pop background score? It is high time we move ahead from such cringe lyrics and become more creative, new, and progressive with them.

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