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Adam Levine Claims He Never Had An Affair, Only Flirted With Sumner Stroh. But We’re Not Convinced By His Apology!

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Just hours ago the internet blew up after an Instagram model alleged that Maroon 5’s Adam Levine cheated on her pregnant wife, Behati Prinsloo, with her. The model, Sumner Stroh also alleged that Adam had reached out to her in June this year stating that he wanted to name his unborn child after her. She also shared screenshots of her chat with the singer in her video. And that’s all it took for keyboard warriors to get into a tussle over who is right and who isn’t. Sumner had also accused Adam of “manipulating” and “exploiting” her in their relationship as she was young and naive. And now, the singer has taken to Instagram to issue a clarification.

Claiming that he did not have an affair, Adam Levine said that he used “poor judgement” in speaking to anyone other than his wife in a “flirtatious manner”. Revealing that he “crossed the line during a regrettable period” in his life, the Maroon 5 singer said that it became “inappropriate” in certain instances and went on to add that he has addressed the issue with his family and has taken “proactive steps” to remedy it as well. Taking full responsibility for his mistake, the singer said that he only cares about his wife and his family and it was his “greatest mistake” to be “naive” and “stupid” enough to take a risk like that. Promising that he will never make a mistake like that again, Adam concluded by saying that he and his family will get through it together.

Take a look at his Instagram story.

On the other hand, Instagram model Sumner Stroh has shared yet another video getting into the details of her relationship with Adam Levine and explaining how it was “manipulative”.


TBH, I’m not very convinced by Adam Levine’s apology. We have a 43-year-old man in a position of power coming out and denying an affair and going on and calling it “flirtatious behaviour”. And his excuse? A supposed “regrettable period” in his life. While he may have said that he takes full responsibility for his behaviour, calling it “naive” and “stupid” does not seem like taking responsibility. How can a 43-year-old man be so NAIVE that he flirts or, as alleged by the model, cheats on his wife and does not realise the repercussions of his actions? Moreover, if he care so much about his wife and his family, he would not have cheated on his pregnant wife in the first place. To me, it sounds like an apology coming from an entitled man who is only sorry that he got caught.

Days After Behati Prinsloo’s Pregnancy Announcement, Instagram Model Alleges Adam Levine “Manipulated” Her Into Dating Him

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