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Diana Penty Shares One Very Important Detail She Doesn’t Want In Her Wedding Outfit And We Can Relate

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“I want to be totally weighed down by my bridal outfit on my wedding,” said no bride ever. After practically spending all our lives in fuss-free styles and breathable fabric, handling elaborate occasion wear doesn’t come easy to us. I mean, it took me a few hours to get used to the intricately designed saree when I wore it for the first time, and it wasn’t too long ago. The only thing that haunted my mind at the time is how on earth am I going to manage walking in a poufy lehenga and heavily designed choli on my wedding? Um, I’d pass!

We might think that since celebrities are quite used to carrying the extravagant couture and designer wear, that too in sky-high heels, it must be NBD for them to pull off an outfit that weighs a ton, but that’s not entirely true. Most celebrities too share our sentiments and would rather go for lightweight and comfortable ensembles, when it comes to occasion wear, especially their wedding outfits. Just like us, Diana Penty has also made a hypothetical list of how her wedding outfit would be like, with one non-negotiable condition.

Talking to Femina, she revealed one thing she sure doesn’t want in her wedding outfit and that is, it shouldn’t weigh her down. She said, “Wedding outfits are absolutely stunning and gorgeous, but they are also so heavy. I have made a mental note to never wear something too heavy. It is definitely going to be something light, easy and comfortable. Comfort for me is everything because only then can I have a good time. I don’t want to be tugging at my outfit and, by the end of it, feel my body hurt because of how heavy it is! I really don’t want to be in that position!” We totally agree!


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Millennial brides don’t want to compromise on comfort or style and look for something that is as easy to carry as it is on the eyes. They are all about contemporary styles and extremely lightweight wedding outfits and fashion brands are happily obliging. Since the number one priority of every bride today is fuss-free numbers, brands are coming up with outfits that feature pre-draped styles, lightweight skirts and dupatta made from feather light fabric like organza with minimal but aesthetic work. Or, better yet, pre-stitched cape dupatta that is less cumbersome and very easy to carry all through the ceremony.

The recent festive and bridal fashion week for the season saw outfits that fit the requirements of the modern bride. Raw Mango showcased lightweight lehenga skirts and minimalistic border work and organza sarees that look intricate and dressy but aren’t too heavy. Shivan And Narresh’s latest bridal collection too featured millennial-esque ensembles with lace, organza and feather detailing which make the outfits much lighter than their embroidered counterparts.

Diana wanting an easy and comfortable wedding outfit is literally all of us. We’d want to dance the night away in our contemporary, lightweight and super comfy wedding outfit. After all, who wants to drag a bulky lehenga all through the ceremony and end up with string marks the next day of their wedding? Not us!

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