‘Behind Every Hot Girl’ Meme Takes Twitter By Storm Revealing Our Deepest Teenage Obsessions!

These obsessions shaped our personalities!
‘Behind Every Hot Girl’ Meme Takes Twitter By Storm Revealing Our Deepest Teenage Obsessions!

Every day is a new day when you log onto Twitter to see what is trending, and you see a new meme trend taking the micro-blogging site by storm! After we had the ‘simple Sudha Murthy’ memes and the ‘serving cunt’ memes going viral earlier in May, we have a new meme trend that is raging online, and oh, how relatable is it! The meme that is currently viral on Twitter is the ‘behind every hot girl’ trend where women are talking about how hot they are and what led to this glow-up of theirs!

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Well, a woman is credited as the reason why a guy is successful, but if a woman is in her hot girl era, there has to be some obsession with a fictional character, books, or some life-changing experience she had! Similarly, as a part of this meme trend, women shared what was the reason behind their hot girl era, and it included everything from their obsession with One Direction to having a deep history of wanting their English teacher’s approval!

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The first meme from this trend that sent me cackling was where a woman wrote behind every hot girl is a deep history with Twilight Saga. Edward, is my obsession with you the reason I am hot? Then, let my obsession continue!

Another credited Gossip Girl and their deep history with it!


How could you forget Percy Jackson and Hunger Games when we are talking about teenage obsessions?

Do not consider yourself a reader of this generation if you did not read mafia romances and fan-fictions on Wattpad. I mean, it literally the primary reason for my upgrade to smutty books! A lot of people on Twitter agreed that Wattpad shaped them as a person, and I am nodding like Noddy!

Another one I related to the most was when a woman wrote how she yelled back at her dad who raised his voice at her! Yes, girl, we do not stand toxicity and patriarchy!

Another credited their deep history with the British boyband, I mean, former British boyband One Direction. *cries in the corner*

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How can anyone not be obsessed with Remus Lupin and Sirius Black? The men were my childhood crushes!

Well, tell us the reason behind your hot girl era!

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