Avneet Kaur Cuts Her Own Bangs In Lockdown And It Actually Turns Out Gorgeous

Ask any beauty expert and they would say that cutting your own hair, if you are not a professional, is the biggest mistake you could make. I didn’t believe it, until I tried it once in school and ended up with extremely short fringes. Not only did I admit that I was wrong, but I dealt with those fugly bangs for a couple of months. So when last year, everyone was giving themselves a DIY haircut at home during self-isolation, I knew what I didn’t want to do. I didn’t want another disaster.  However, it was the perfect time to experiment with my looks since if anything were to go wrong, it wouldn’t cause much harm since we were already in isolation. A lot of celebrities too underwent drastic transformation without the help of their hairstylists and seems like the trend continues this year too. Avneet Kaur just posted a picture with her new look. She gave herself those risky bangs at home. But contrary to my case (and a lot of other rookies), her’s turned out pretty darn good.

The former TikTok star and actress shared her picture rocking the new haircut. She captioned the post, “Gave myself a new haircut How’s it?” Is it just us or did she actually just pull it off? She wore a cute outfit to go with her wispy bangs. Her followers couldn’t believe she did it herself but loved her new look. A user commented, “Howw can somebody be so perfect in everything???” Another wrote, “I’m literally out of words.”    

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Avneet keeps on experimenting with her hair and drops stunning looks and hairstyles regularly on her Instagram. From box braids to pigtails, she styles her hair in quirkiest and cutest hairstyles. This haircut is another one of her many styling skills and we are certainly impressed. A lot of other celebrities had a complete hair makeover during last lockdown including Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone and Kriti Sanon. While some tried their hands on their locks themselves, others reached out for help from their siblings, SOs and fam. 

However, we mostly saw celebs chopping their long hair for a short crop and bangs were rarely the choice of the lockdown do-over. It makes sense since it is a risky business to cut fringes yourself. The celebrities who rocked DIY bangs during quarantine are Priyanka Chopra, Camila Cabello and now, Avneet Kaur. And, after looking at her little at-home experiment that went pretty well, I am contemplating giving it a try once again. I mean, what’s the worst thing that could happen? We are anyway living in isolation, right? 

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