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Angira Dhar Wiping Husband Anand Tiwari’s Tears At Her Vidaai Is So Wholesome. We Love Men Who Aren’t Afraid To Be Emotional

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There are so many men I know who will never want to be caught showing emotion on their faces. They will pretend they are not that sensitive or that they’re immune to vulnerability. Because that’s what we are taught na? Women are supposed to be emotional and men are supposed to toughen up. Having said that, if I must point out, the most beloved actor in Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, has done a majority of emotional roles. Women dig that stuff. We love when a man isn’t so emotionally unintelligent or pretentious. Which is why, when Angira Dhar shared a picture of her now husband Anand Tiwari crying at her vidaai, I just became an aww-machine.

The couple got married in April, in an intimate ceremony with just family and closest friends. However, it was only now that Angira Dhar gave us glimpses of her wedding. Announcing it on social media, Anand Tiwari wrote, “On 30-04-21 Angira and I sealed our friendship into a marriage, with our family, closest friends and God as our witness. With life slowly unlocking around us, we wanted to unlock this happiness with you.” Angira also shared the same.


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The pictures Angira shared were full of love and cheer. But the one that really stuck out showed her wiping Anand’s tears. “You know you are in the right hands when it’s not you who’s tearing up at the vidaai,” she captioned the image. Angira Dhar’s Love Per Square Foot co-star Vicky Kaushal even commented on the image with a heart.


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It is really so beautiful! And Angira is a 100% correct about it. Knowing that your husband has a high emotional quotient, is sensitive, empathetic and doesn’t have toxic ideas of masculinity is so reassuring. Instead of going for a guy who thinks being vulnerable is feminine, I would love to be with someone who can shed a tear when he feels emotional.

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In a dearth of emotional men, I think this is an incredible quality to possess. It sucks that something as basic as having and exhibiting emotions makes someone attractive, but oh boy, with the rarity, it’s safe to call it an exotic trait!

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