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5 Ways Being Treated Like A Priority Makes You A Better Partner

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I believe giving making your partner a priority is very important. No, I am not saying you should stop having a life outside the relationship. I want a partner who has a life – like go chill with your friends, pursue your hobbies, learn new things, work hard and be ambitious. I’d like the space and opportunity to do the same. I’d want the time and the psychological bandwidth to maintain other relationships in my life. My friends are important too. Most importantly, I can’t stop growing as a human just because I am in a relationship.

When I say I want to feel like a priority in my partner’s life, I mean I want to know that he knows what’s important in his life. It means I want him to have “Akanksha time” scheduled and if it means he has to move a few things around, then be it. It means wanting to make special occasion and vacation plans with me first. If I was looking for something casual, this wasn’t needed. But I am looking to build together and prioritising each other is what keeps the wheels turning.

I have been in a relationship where they’d prioritise anything over me. Like hey, I can come second to your parents’ anniversary dinner. But if you’re putting me way after watching the re-runs of Money Heist and aimlessly looking for new gadgets to buy online, nope, I am walking out.

But all of this erases away when you’re with someone who has priorities straight. He will not put pleasing people over your happiness. You will finally understand what a healthy, beautiful relationship can do to you.

It makes you happy and a better partner. Here’s how!

  • You want to do the same for him

There are people who will be selfish and expect to be treated amazingly and not do the same. But you’re not like that, are you? When they prioritise you, it makes you appreciate them better. And it’s only natural to want to do the same for them. If they are making time for you, if you are the first person they call when they have to share something, if they can cancel plans for you, you’d want to do the same. When they give you love, you return it and some more.

  • You feel you can rely on him

Would I rely on a guy who is too busy to be there for me? What if my car breaks down and I need assistance? I call up this guy and he says his friends just came over. Nope. Not reliable. I need someone who will be there, who will show up and who will know what is important in his life. If he doesn’t prioritise his life companion (or potential!) then he will be in for a tough lesson when his friends get busy with theirs and he loses his own. A guy who prioritises you makes you feel safe and he will never stop being there for you.

  • You become more secure and content

Guys who failed to offer me commitment/priority in the past have no idea how secure a girlfriend I am. When I feel loved and valued, I feel content and secure. I don’t have to worry that if he is not prioritising me, who is topping his list. Or if I actually matter to him. I am not worried about where I stand in his life. A guy who prioritises you will let you know what you mean to him. Insecurities anyway don’t do any relationship any good!

  • Your intimacy increases

You feel gratitude for each other when you both have your priorities straight. You feel so glad that you found this gem of a partner and you’ll never have to go through the anxiety of feeling worthless to someone ever again. He feels the same way about you. You’re brightening up each other’s lives, providing each other with companionship and compassion. If that doesn’t make you want to jump his bones, I don’t know what will. This increases your emotional and physical intimacy, bringing you closer by the day.

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  • You fight fair and always choose each other

When your partner prioritises you, they know what you’re worth. They don’t want to lose you. And if you are doing the same, it means you don’t want to lose them either. So you put genuine effort into resolving your issues and communicating. Relationships don’t last because some people are just effortlessly compatible; they last because they choose each other, even when it’s difficult to!

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