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9 Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Will *Actually* Use And Cherish All Year Round

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Usually I take my mom out for a spa day on Mother’s Day to pamper her (and myself) because she doesn’t take the effort or time to treat herself otherwise. However, this year, I’d be spoiling her at home since it’s not safe to go outside. But I have a plan! I’m going to bake a cake, do all the house chores and let her relax. And oh, I’d shower her with gifts that she can actually use. Why I add that last part is because moms love gifts but can be really particular about them. Although she would have the sweetest smile when you give her a gift that you think she would like, for example sheet masks or a beauty gadget, there’s a chance you’d find it sitting in her drawer a year later, unused (based on true events). I am not going to make that mistake this year. 

If you find yourself in a fix every Mother’s Day too, here’s a guide to pampering your mom with the most thoughtful and useful gifts of all time. We have listed down 9 amazing items for every kind of mom. Since there’s just one week left for a special day, you might hurry and place the order so you don’t have to settle for ready-to-mix cake and a store-bought photo frame. No mom deserves that. Whether she is a makeup lover or a fitness freak, we have an option for everyone. Here are all the gorgeous gifts to give to your mum that she would actually use. 

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1. A nice perfume 


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Moms rarely spend on themselves and even if they do, they only get themselves beauty essentials like a moisturiser or their go-to lip colour. Give her a nice perfume to add to her shelf. Pick from Body Cupid’s range of perfumes and body mists.  

2. A colourful palette 


We have been stealing makeup from our mommies since we were kids (even ruined it at times) but it’s time to return the love. She’d love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eye Shadow Palette for the long-overdue kitty parties post-Covid. 

3. A comfy kaftan dress 


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A woman can never have enough clothes and I am sure your mom is no exception. But why should moms stick to boring clothes? Maison Blu’s kaftan dress that’s not only trendy but also extremely comfortable is the coolest gift for moms and a refreshing break from her kurtas and sarees.

4. A pair of classy footwear 


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Surprise her with the most amazing gift a woman can get–shoes! You can never go wrong with a pair of classy footwear for your mom. Pick heels, shoes or flats from Ceriz according to her style and comfort.

5. A pretty bag  


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Whether she’s a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, every mom needs a companion, that is a bag she keeps her entire world in. Da Milano’s bags are super stylish and elegant. Psst, you can borrow it too whenever you want so it’s basically an addition to your collection as well. 

6. Skincare gift set


All desi moms love natural beauty recipes and ubtans and can’t have enough of them. If your mom is the same, she would cherish beauty products that are made with natural ingredients. Gift her a bunch of Ayurvedic skincare products from Love Organically.

7. A beautiful piece of jewellery 


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What’s shiny, gorgeous and a one-size-fits-all? Jewellery! An elegant jewellery be it earrings or bracelets or a necklace can bring a smile on any mom’s face. These cute pearl earrings from The Jewel Factor are perfect and will go with anything she’d wear.     

8. Must-have activewear 


For moms who are total fitness freaks and nudge you to join her for a walk or her yoga sessions, a cute activewear and a good sports bra is a must have. Gift her a set from Myriad Activewear so she can work out comfortably and stylishly.

9. Home décor items 


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Moms have a passion for decorating their homes and we can’t thank them enough for that. This year, give her something for her own personal space that she would thank you for, like aesthetic light holders or scented candles from Hérmosa Studio for her night stand.

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