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7 Must-Have Beauty Products To Stash In Your Diwali Makeup Kit For A Gorgeous Festive Look

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I did my Diwali shopping way in advance (from makeup to outfit), partly because I was super excited for this festival this year. Actually, to think about it, the level of excitement is the same every year but this year’s been such a bore and disappointing that Diwali has become the most-awaited occasion for me, even more than my birthday (it was spent in isolation).

Since only a day is left for Diwali, I am assuming everyone has zeroed down on the makeup and outfit by now. Have you curated your makeup kit yet? You know, the beauty products you’d need to nail the stunning festive look. If you haven’t, let us help your put together a makeup kit for Diwali.

So, if you are going to shop for beauty buys at the last minute or simple want to curate a Diwali makeup kit, here is a list of products we think you should stock up on for a gorgeous festive look. Just a spoiler, eye makeup products will have a prominent and biased place in our kits this time, cuz, you know that’s the only part on your face you can really be creative with this Diwali.

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Can’t stress this enough, the first step of your makeup is prepping and priming your skin so that your makeup lasts longer. Since we are talking about Diwali look here, a face primer becomes even more important because you don’t want your makeup products to melt down your face in a couple of hours. Plus, a primer provides seamless base and helps blend your face makeup like a dream.


Talking about face makeup, a foundation is unmissable. You could also go for a BB cream if you want lightweight base. However, don’t chuck the concealer for even toned look. I can’t speak for anyone else but working from home has given me haunting dark circles and since it’s Diwali and not Halloween, it would be best to cover them up with a concealer. Also, you can use it to hide minor imperfections and get flawless base without using many products.

Coloured liner

A coloured liner is a multitasking beauty product. It can work as a liner, kajal and even an eyeshadow. You could create artistic and trendy liner looks like floating liner, batwing and inverted cateye or simply smear the colour on your lids to get a beautiful smokey eye. If you are a beauty minimalist, simply apply a stroke of your coloured liner on the lower lash line for an instant pop of colour. Remember to pick a waterproof and long-lasting formula.


Again, eye makeup is all you need to focus your energy on this Diwali and how do you amp up your eye makeup? You define your lashes like it’s no one’s business. Gravity-defying, longer lashes could really do the trick without putting in much efforts. Just curl your lashes and apply oodles of mascara on your lashes to get fuller and bomb lashes.


To state the obvious, a highlighter is one makeup product that you absolutely need on a special occasion like Diwali. We are sure the intense house cleaning and zoom meetings didn’t leave you enough time to slap on glow-boosting face masks and get a facial done but it’s okay because you can score the same and even better glow with a highlighter. Apply it on the forehead, bridge of nose, cheekbones and you’d be gorgeous and glowing in no time.


A hint of blush on your cheeks could make you look fresh as a daisy in a jiffy. For Diwali, we suggest going with one that has some specks of shimmer in it and a gorgeous rosey hue. Since you won’t be contouring your face, a blush could accentuate your facial features and take your Diwali look up a notch.

A stunning lip colour

No, I have not forgotten that we are still pretty much in the middle of the pandemic and would be wearing face mask all the time, but hear me out. This whole time we had our lipsticks stuffed into the back of the drawer and the reason was that that part of our face is hidden most of the time under our mask. But that doesn’t mean you will just slather on some lip balm even on the sole occasion that is letting you glam up to the nines. We say wear a stunning lip colour and click some selfies with masks off (only when alone) and put it on the ‘gram. You deserve it.

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