6 Things We Wish Men Would Do To Make Sure Women Don’t Shoulder The Unequal Burden Of Festive Season

Get up and work man!

The festive season is here! While it is something that we all are looking forward to, we should also acknowledge the fact this is the time when women of the house are overburdened with work. We live in a patriarchal society and it has always been the women who are expected to shoulder the extra workload that comes along during the festive season. Most Indian women do not even enjoy the festival because they are so tired of all the responsibilities at hand. It’s high time the men of the house start talking a note of it and participate equally in the celebrations. Here are some ways in which men can be the true better halves to their wives during the hectic but fun festive season!

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Participate In Planning!

Don’t leave the entire responsibility of preparations on the women of the house. Get involved, sit and plan it with them. Take responsibility for initiating, and this is not limited to the outside chores only. This is also the time when you break gender roles and take responsibility for the work that is considered to be a “Woman’s job” by society.

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Teach Other Men Too!

All the men should learn how to shoulder responsibilities with the women in their house during the festive season. Even the younger generation of boys should be taught these things and only the elders can set an example for this, provided they come out of their patriarchal mindset.

Take Responsibility For The Chores!

Men, please realise that there are many things that a woman has to take care of during festivals. It’s so difficult to enjoy when there are so many things to do. Women will also be excited about festivals if men start to take away the burden of managing everything from them.

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Attend To The Guest!

The most annoying thing during the festive season is to see men sit and chat with relatives in the drawing room while the women slog in the kitchen. It’s just so sad to witness this! The world will definitely be a little better place if men also handle the kitchen chores with the women. Even she deserves to sit and have a hearty conversation with guests instead of just making sure that they are fed well!

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Men, Be Considerate!

Indian women are conditioned to handle everything alone. However, it’s the man’s responsibility to check on her, ask her if she wants anything and be there for her! Don’t be ignorant and pressurise her with your expectations of keeping everything perfect!

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Equal participation So Both Of You Can Enjoy!

I’m sure you must have also seen your mothers or sisters having tons of things to do when the festive season is near, and that is not right! If men also start participating equally, then even women will be able to enjoy the festive season the way it is supposed to be.

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