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7 Skincare Mistakes People Make During Winters. Avoid These, Please!

January 04, 2023 | by Janvi Manchanda

We’re pretty much in the middle of sardi ka mausam and this is the time when the temperature drops and brings with it some real skin problems. Winter season and beauty woes go hand in hand. It’s pretty common for people to struggle with issues like dry and flaky skin among other things. Sure, winter does take a toll on our skin but the bigger issue here is the skincare mistakes we all tend to make during this season. So, we’ve put together a list of common skincare mistakes that all of us must avoid making during this dry and chilly season.

1. Not Changing Your Skincare Routine

Most of us have the habit of sticking to the same skincare routine throughout the year but it’s essential for our skincare products and regime to change along with the weather. During the winter season, you to pick thick creams with hydrating and moisturising ingredients. Make sure to replace any alcohol-based toner because it will dry your skin. Pick moisturising serums and maybe even oil-based ones if they suit your skin.

2. Not Using Sunscreen

No dhoop, no sunscreen is how most of us operate but even when there’s little to no sunlight, the harsh rays of the sun do harm our skin. This is why it’s essential to never ever skip sunscreen when stepping out of our homes during the day.

3. Bathing With Hot Water

Taking a bath with cold water during teeth-chattering winter is impossible and that’s why we end up using hot water. But the scathing hot water you use to take a bath ends up stripping your skin of the natural oils. This makes your skin even more dry and flaky. Make sure to avoid extremely hot water, instead reduce the temperature of the water or use lukewarm water. If not, maybe rinse with some room temperature of lukewarm water before you step out of the bathroom.

4. Using The Wrong Soap/Body Wash And Face Wash

With the season, our soap, body wash and face wash also need to be replaced to suit the weather and our skin. You cannot use your drying face washing from the summer and harsh soap during winter. Pick more moisturising products to cleanse your body and face. Feel free to use a moisturising body scrub twice a week instead of body wash or soap to keep your skin happy and healthy.


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5. Skipping Exfoliation

It’s not uncommon for people to avoid exfoliating scrubs and peels during the winter season assuming that it can dry our skin but actually it’s quite the opposite. Exfoliating scrubs are essential for our winter skincare regime in order to clear our skin and remove dead skin cells and impurities. But make sure to avoid using too much exfoliator and scrubbing too hard.

6. Not Moisturising Your Body

Now, we usually remember to moisturise our face and follow a whole skincare regime for it but we tend to forget all about our bodies. Winter is harsh on our skin and this is why it’s extremely essential to use a body lotion or body butter during this season.

7. Not Hydrating Enough

DRINK SOME WATER! We miss out on drinking water during sardi ka mausam because we don’t feel very thirsty and this contributes to our drying skin and beauty woes. Set a timer on your phone if need be but do not forget to drink water and stay hydrated. Like everything, this is also essential for winter skincare.

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Now, get to it y’all. Make sure to avoid making these winter skincare mistakes this season!

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