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7 Places On Your Body You Can Apply Highlighter On, Apart From Your Cheekbones

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I don’t know when exactly highlighter started becoming such an integral part of my makeup routine. Having super sculpted cheekbones that really pop in the light is something I feel like I’ve gotten addicted to these days.

But like every great beauty or makeup product, highlighter does not come cheap!


So imagine spending upwards of Rs 3,500 on a product that you could technically even use as a concealer or even metallic eyeshadow?

Of course, the effect is never the same, but for the price, the least a product could be is be multi-functional, right?

As it turns out, a highlighter can be used on 7 different parts of your body, apart from the obvious cheekbones, and even possibly replace a few products in your makeup kit.

So if you haven’t bought one yet, the end of this post may change your mind.

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1. As Eyeshadow

There’s no reason you can’t go ahead and use your highlighter as eyeshadow. Mix 2 shades together to create a smokey effect or just swipe on one colour over your lids for some extra glow.


2. In The Corner Of Your Eyes

The easiest way to make your eyes look bigger and more awake is to dust a bit of silver or gold in the inner corner of your eye. If you don’t have shadow, use highlighter!


3. To Highlight Your Brows

The secret to perfect-looking brows is making them pop. Once you’re done filling them in, dust some highlighter under your brow bone to really make them stand out.


4. On The Bridge Of Your Nose

Essentially highlighter needs to be used on the high points of your face. The tip of you nose is the highest and hence, needs some dabbing of highlighter.


5. Right Above Your Cupid’s Bow

One way to really make your lips look poutier and your lipstick more precise is by dabbing on a pinch of highlighter on your cupid’s bow.


6. On Your Shoulders

Once you’re done moisturising your shoulders, there’s no harm in dusting some highlighter to the top to make them glisten! Jennifer Lopez would totally approve.


7. On Your Collarbones

There’s something about collarbones that is so sexy. Add on some highlighter and suddenly, they look even sexier!


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