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#AskHauterfly: What Is The Double Shampoo Method?

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I have always been perplexed by my hair’s weird tendency to get greasy at the roots while the ends look dry as hay. Technically, sebum is supposed to travel from the roots along the lengths of your hair and make it look healthy with its natural moisturising properties. This works in the Utopian world, but if you have long and textured hair (read: most Indian women) then it hardly ever works like it’s meant to.

I would like to believe I have an oily scalp but I know that isn’t true since I can hold off from shampooing every alternate day. While one session with the suds feels insufficient in tackling excess grease and product build-up, round two with shampoo strips my scalp of moisture making it look dry and feel itchy. (PS: It is not advisable to shampoo the lengths, but you might have to do so if you use products for styling your hair.)

Join the club, if you are tearing your hair apart trying to figure out the delicate alchemy that will help you achieve the hair of your dreams. The answer is in double shampooing. What you need to remember, though, is that the key to the perfect wash is in product cocktailing. Here’s the deal — deep clean the roots and hydrate the ends. Start with a clarifying or deep-cleansing shampoo while concentrating on the roots.

Clarifying shampoos are primarily meant to clear oil and product buildup without depositing any conditioning agents on the hair. However, clarifying shampoos have a slightly lower pH level to lift the cuticles and remove dirt and oil from the strands. This is why your hair feels stripped and dry after using a clarifying shampoo.

For round two, switch your clarifying shampoo with a moisturising formula. It will cleanse the remnants of dirt and sebum gently, and maintain the level of moisture in your hair. Follow this up with your regular conditioner or deep conditioner. We bet your hair’s gonna thank you for this thoughtful regime.

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