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#WOTW: Everything You Wanted To Know About Baking

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Everyday we come across so many beauty and fashion terms and some of them go completely over our heads. For all you lazy ladies out there, Hauterfly is making your lives easier with our brand new weekly feature, Word Of The Week.

In case you haven’t noticed, a bunch of new beauty trends have cropped up in the past year, and Baking is one we keep getting asked about all the time. A lot of you must be confused about what baking really is and why it it’s even a make-up technique! Is this about cooking your face, you ask? Umm, sort of.

Baking is a not-so-new make-up technique first used by stage actors and the Drag community to keep their make-up from melting and fading under harsh lights. All these years later, it’s now become part of the mainstream beauty conversation. Baking — also known as “cooking” — literally means applying a translucent powder on several spots on your face just above your concealer to help your make-up set and last longer.

Once you’re through with applying your foundation and concealer, all you need to do is apply a heavy layer of translucent powder under your eyes, on the forehead, chin and jawline (some even put it on the bridge of the nose). The “cooking” part includes letting the powder sit untouched for 15-20 minutes and allow it to use the heat from your face to set. Continue to do the rest of your make-up while this cooks. Once that’s done, dust the remaining powder off your face. Now this part is key to avoid your make-up from looking streaky: use a good brush to really the blend the powder well into your skin. The final outcome? A flawless, even complexion that’s matte perfection!

Baking is the way to go when you want a matte look for a big event or a wedding, but if you’ve got dry skin, you might want to stay away from this trend. Otherwise, baking is pretty effective when you think about it: it’s not for nothing that it become one of the viral beauty trends that defined 2015.

In case you’re wondering how to do it yourself, this tutorial is the answer to all your questions:



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