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Celebrity Skin Expert, Dr Jaishree Sharad, Answers All Your Skincare Queries!

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Skincare is one of those things that plagues us all. Are those scars ever going to disappear? Damn you, teenage acne. Why is my skin looking so dull? When is this tan EVER going to lighten? Is my skin ageing already?

Raise your hand if you’ve spent hours in front of the mirror, studying your skin from close quarters, finding more issues with it than you can count on your fingers. *raises hand*

To tackle exactly this problem, we invited celebrity cosmetic dermatologist and skincare expert, Dr Jaishree Sharad, to the Hauterfly HQ to answer ALL your burning skincare queries.

Dr Sharad runs her own clinic called Skinfinity Mumbai, which is visited by many a Bollywood celebrity — so you *know* you’re in good hands!

And, we gotta say, it was a super fun, super informative session. Trust us, almost every skin issue under the sun was answered by the good doctor, so¬†we’ve definitely got you covered.

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