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We Put 5 Viral Hair Hacks To The Test, And Here Are The Results!

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Hair is something every girl struggles with on the daily – the upkeep, the styling, the struggle is all way too real, and can literally make or break your look. So if there are any hair hacks I come across that promise me fabulous hair, while saving me time and money, I am game to try them out. But with so many hacks floating around on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, it can get overwhelming and confusing as to which ones work and which ones went viral only because they were bizarre.

Hence, we decided to put our detective hats on and put some of these insta-famous viral hair hacks to the test! So if you always wondered if those crazy, viral hacks actually work, then you have come to the right place!

Hack #1: Using talcum powder as a dry shampoo.

It claims to absorb the oil in your scalp and not only does it make your hair smell fresh, it also adds volume to hair that is flat or limp.

Hack #2: Doing a hairstyle in front and then flipping it over!

Doing hairstyles, especially complicated braids at the back of your head or nape of the neck, can be rather complicated as you can’t really tell what is happening back there. Hence, the next hack we tried was the reverse braid, where you braid your hair right under your chin, mimicking a beard, and then push it back, to get a beautiful hairdo on the back.

Hack #3: Creating curls using a pencil and straightener.

Don’t have a curling iron? No problem. The third hack we tried claims to give you curls, using a simple wooden pencil and your trusty old straightener.

Hack #4: Tying your hair into a ponytail in order to get better curls.

For this one, you have to throw your hair into a high ponytail. This helps ease the process of sectioning your hair out and putting it into the curling iron. When you open the ponytail up, the lengths of your hair will have beautiful curls.

Hack #5: Using a toothbrush and hairspray to tame flyaways!

Sleek hair is currently all the rage, but with frizzy, baby hair sticking up, this simple and chic hairdo seems almost impossible to achieve. But the toothbrush and hairspray hack promises to tuck flyaways and baby hair away, giving you a sleek and neat look.

Watch on to find out whether these hacks were effective or just a waste of time and energy!



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