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Reviewed: Vichy Ideal White Meta Whitening Sleeping Mask

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Dermo-cosmetic brands have taken the beauty industry by storm in recent years, and effectively play at the intersection of cosmetics and dermatological science. France has a long history of developing some of the best-known dermo-cosmetic brands — including affordable names such as Avene, Bioderma, La Roche-Posay, and Vichy — all of which are readily available in India.

Today I’m reviewing Vichy’s Ideal White Meta Whitening Sleeping Mask, the latest addition to its Ideal White range specially formulated for Asian skin. Dark spots and dullness are some of the biggest concerns for women in this part of the world, and Vichy’s night mask helps to combat these issues usually brought on by a combination of UV radiation, environmental pollution, and other factors. Needless to say, while the product description includes the term “whitening”, this mask isn’t a skin lightening product as much as it is a brightening one for hyperpigmentation issues like sun spots, freckles, tanning, etc.

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Vichy Ideal White Meta Whitening Sleeping Mask

By addressing the skin’s exposure to environmental aggressors that causes it to produce melanin and dehydrate it in the process, Vichy’s mask targets the skin’s self-repairing nightly process by replenishing lost moisture and eliminating toxins. Powered by the meta-whitening complex of PhE-resorcinol which reduces discolorations, ellagic acid (a natural antioxidant), adenosine (an anti-irritant that helps cell communication) and LHA (to treat acne), the mask is also infused with Vitamin B3 to reduce redness, and Aquabioryl which moisturises and boosts the cutaneous barrier against dehydration. So basically, while you sleep this night concentrate helps to visibly reduce dark spots, evens skin tone and keeps skin hydrated.

Housed in a sturdy glass tub, the light pink mask has a gel-like texture with tiny white beads inside. These beads are not exfoliators. Instead, they are Vitamin E microbeads that give a double shot of hydration. They instantly dissolve as you massage the product into the skin, deeply replenishing its moisture levels. The result is visibly plumper, hydrated, and brighter skin the next morning.

You can use this product two ways: either as a night cream or a thick overnight mask. I’ve tried it both ways and have noticed that it’s not as effective as a night cream. However, when I apply it as a thick, mask-like layer and leave it overnight, my skin looks superbly hydrated and glowing in the morning. I’m not a fan of wearing overnight masks and hate having product transferring onto my pillow case, so I really like the fact that this mask completely absorbs into the skin within the hour (you will have to massage it in) and doesn’t need to be washed off.

The product is made for oily and sensitive skin but works perfectly fine for normal skin too. Like most Vichy products, it is paraben-free. And while it effectively serves the purpose of brightening my complexion, I’m not a fan of the alcohol content. What’s more, it’s not the cheapest night mask available either. However, the inclusion of high-quality ingredients not commonly found in drugstore skincare brands makes this a product worth trying out. I’m definitely going to make it a weekly staple in my nightly skincare regime!

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