This Is An Eyeshadow Palette That You Absolutely Need In Your Beauty Arsenal

This Is An Eyeshadow Palette That You Absolutely Need In Your Beauty Arsenal

There is a point in your life as a makeup junkie that good sense has to prevail. Note I say, ‘has’ because there’s a distinct possibility that you come to the realisation that you need to stop buying makeup at a juncture when your drawers are already overflowing with products. You know you’ve crossed over to the dark side when the deliveries at your door have people in your family just passing on boxes to you without even looking at them. So when a new palette came calling my name, I didn’t think much of it. Yes, now I was being dismissive. Oh, I shouldn’t have been because the minute I took this palette from Delora Jones cosmetics to experiment with, I was sold.

I have seen enough brown palettes now to know that some can be muddy, some can be brown but there’s only that much you can do with that colour story. Which is why this palette from Delora Jones cosmetics took me by surprised. First, I wasn’t sure that the colours all worked together. But when I dipped my brush into the colours and started putting it on my eyelid, it came together. So I used Dawn in my crease and then waited, should I stick to a muted, brown eye? Or mix it up with the stunning Noble? I need not have worried, when I used Noble, it seamlessly blended in creating a depth in my crease that I immediately took a liking to.

The glitter eyeshadows in this palette are chunky but oh my god do they look good. I am not saying ho hum good, I am saying eye-popping good. And each one of the glitters has a lovely undertone that makes these eyeshadows incredibly dynamic. Rosette, a lovely rose gold, Rani, a golden with olive undertones and Karma particularly shone (you see what I did there?)

Overall, if you’re looking for a palette that delivers on its promise to give you a colour story but also give you enough to experiment with, this eyeshadow palette from Delora Jones cosmetics should be in your cart right about now.

You can buy this stunning palette from the Delora Jones cosmetics website.

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