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These All-Natural Home Remedies Help Your Hair Grow Faster And We’re Obsessed!

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Desi moms have only two rules for their daughters… never compromise your career for a man and DON’T cut your hair! Having long, healthy hair has always been an Indian ‘thing’ courtesy of our protein-rich diets and the many ‘ghar ke nuske’ the ladies in charge of raising us have used. While hair trends constantly switch between desirable lengths, one thing is for certain… super long hair never goes out of style and always looks uber chic!

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There is quite a lot we can do to speed up our hair growth. From sleeping on pillowcases to hair vitamins, we are spoilt for choice. A majority of our favourite rituals, though, are DIY and home remedies. They are reliable, don’t pose any side effects and cost next to nothing. But if you are bored of trying every formula in the book, here are some unique hacks that can lend a helping hand to the natural process.

Rice Water Wash

Women who need a gentler alternative to the apple cider vinegar wash can look to their grains. Rice water contains proteins that can strengthen hair strands and seal split ends. It contains nutrients like carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins to keep the hair follicles healthy.

How To: The most effective way to use this technique is to soak rice in filtered water for up to three days and allow it to ferment. Once that’s done, the water can be strained and used as a rinse-out or leave-in treatment for hair growth.

Cinnamon Activation

Some women face the issue of stunted hair growth where it stops growing beyond a certain point no matter what they do. In such cases, the trick lies in using an activating agent to wake up the tired follicles. The heating and antimicrobial properties of cinnamon enable it to do just that!

How To: Cinnamon can be used for hair by mixing it in coconut oil and massaging the scalp gently. The concoction only needs about 45 minutes to do its job, post which it can be washed off with a regular shampoo.

Ginger Rub

Being an active woman on the go is stressful on your skin and hair. Hair that is always tied up can lead to stress patches on the scalp. It is a good idea to spot treat these patches and ginger is a way that is known to work. They contain circulatory agents, which in turn stir up the follicles and make the hair grow faster.

How To: Ginger root contains magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, and vitamins. Dipping it in olive oil and applying it to bald patches is super easy to do, and you can wash it out with a gentle shampoo!

Hibiscus Oil

Primarily used in ‘pooja’ rituals, we have been around the hibiscus flower forever. Turns out, this miracle flower is brimming with hair growth goodness as well. The presence of Vitamins A and C in abundance makes them a great hair tonic for thicker, healthy texture.

How To: This one is not for lazy girls. Hibiscus flowers can be used after they have been boiled in coconut or olive oil, cooled and strained, and massaged gently onto the scalp. The best part is, this mixture can be stored for up to a week for multiple applications.

Pumpkin Purée

Pumpkin rubs are a tried and tested way to get instant glowing skin. They are also a good way to grow hair naturally longer. Filled with vitamins and minerals, this sweet-smelling potion works wonders for those long tresses.

How To: Pumpkin purées can be mixed with some honey for a gentle hair mask that leaves your mane healthier, glossier and fuller!

Grandmama’s Kalonji

‘Kalonji’ is an ingredient we have heard come out our mothers’ mouths repeatedly. The nigella seeds are rich in magnesium and fatty acids, which make them a power ingredient to be mixed with any of the usual hair oils.

How To: The best way to use these seeds is to grind them up and mix them with your favourite oil in a glass jar. This mixture can be used every time you oil your hair.

Curry Leaves Mask

One big advantage of making and using a curry leaves mask is the phosphorus. Known as the chemical that is an elixir for skin and hair, this mask has manifold advantages for your hair. They are also abundantly available in mom’s garden, which is a plus!

How To: Just like the Hibiscus flower, curry leaves can be boiled in coconut or almond oil to make them usable. They also leave a soft spicy fragrance in the hair, which we love!

Which one of these hacks are you trying first?


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