This Video On Foundation Dos And Don’ts Is EVERYTHING!

This Video On Foundation Dos And Don’ts Is EVERYTHING!

One of the first steps in makeup (and perhaps the most challenging as well) is nailing your foundation. Getting it right is half the work done towards looking flawless. No matter how many tutorials we watch or shades we swatch, picking a colour that’s a true match to your skin is nothing short of winning the lottery. Blogger and YouTuber Scherezade Shroff just won herself some goodwill by covering foundation dos and don’ts when she met makeup artist Derek Selby at the launch of Cover FX Cosmetics at Sephora in Mumbai recently. No doubt beauty junkies will be indebted to them for breaking down this super-important step.

The first diktat of using foundation is this: you shouldn’t be able to see it. And it’s one mistake so many women are guilty of making. Say no to heavy, cakey application, girls. Your face should look like skin rather than a mask. Selby suggests using a base  only where necessary (which is something we covered in our post on 40 Genius Beauty Hacks) and using colour correctors (read more about that here). While an orangey-red corrector works for most India skin tones, people with lighter complexions should opt for correctors in a salmon/peach shade to neutralise the blue tones in the under-eye region.

When it comes to picking a foundation shade, look for the following cues: if your complexion looks ashy/chalky post application, your foundation is too light for your skin colour; if it looks muddy or dirty, it is too dark. Foundation should be an exact match. If you can’t figure out your undertone, Selby advises starting off with a neutral tone foundation. A neutral tone foundation is a balance of yellow and pink pigments. If it starts looking yellow on you, you have a cool undertone and if it looks pink on you, you have a warm undertone. (Take this test to determine your undertone).

Selby also sheds light on the correct order of using different foundation formulas and picking the right formula for your skin type. I think his technique on covering large pores is one thing all girls with oily skin should thank him for! I don’t know about you, but this video covers all bases pretty darn well!

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