The 5 Lipstick Tricks That Will ALWAYS Work

The 5 Lipstick Tricks That Will ALWAYS Work

Raise your hands if you’ve ever lined your lips with a dark lip liner and filled them in with a lighter lipstick. Yep, we knew you’d be joining us in the #LipstickHallOfShame. Been there, done that. Being a teenager is not an easy phase; that’s when a lot of us have our first tryst with make-up. From overlining to not lining at all, to having lipstick bleeding at the corners, the struggle is real girls.

My love for lipstick started at a young age when I’d see my mom doing her make-up in the mirror. I couldn’t wait to grow up and start putting on lipstick myself. Of course, we all learn important lessons about beauty only after we’ve tried, failed and learned from our mistakes. If you want to take the shortcut and avoid lipstick disasters altogether, here are 5 tricks that will ensure your lipstick game is always on point!


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1. Matte’s The Way

This is the cardinal rule of putting on lipstick. When you want your lipstick to last long — like really long — without having to touch it up on regular intervals, you go for matte formulas. But does that mean you start an all-new matte lipstick collection? No way. If you don’t own any matte formulas, try this trick. Apply your lipstick like you usually do then grab some loose translucent powder. Using your fingertips, gently apply the powder on your lips. Don’t worry if your lipstick looks ashen and dull initially. When the powder sets, your lips will reflect the true colour of your lipstick minus the glossy finish.

* Pro Tip: Baby powder works just as well.


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2. Lock it in

Now everyone is not comfortable wearing matte textures, especially since they are quite unforgiving on dry, chapped lips. If you want to wear a matte colour and prevent bleeding and feathering, use an invisible eyeliner to create a guideline around your lips. The thick, clear formula will prevent your lipstick from budging.


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3. Use Concealer

Don’t own a lip primer? Apply a tiny amount of concealer on your lips before you apply your lipstick instead. Concealer makes your lipstick last longer and also lets your lip colour pop by cancelling out your lips’ natural colour.


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4. Plump Them

No, we’re not enticing you to try out lip fillers. After you’ve applied your lipstick, use your highlighter to draw a small ‘m’ by following the line on your cupid’s bow and blend it thoroughly. Then use your ring finger to lightly dab some shimmery eye shadow (in a colour that matches your lipstick) on the centre of your lower lips. This creates an illusion of plump, full lips.


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5. Prep Them

Whether it’s foundation, eyeshadow or lipstick, no make-up will work optimally if your canvas is not prepped and ready. Remember to always exfoliate your lips gently before applying lipstick, especially bright colours or matte formulas. Grab an old toothbrush or one that’s meant for kids (they usually have the softest bristles) and gently scrub your lips to slough off the dead skin. Alternately, you can also use our Editor-in-Chief Zahra Khan’s favourite lip scrub. Once you’ve buffed away the dryness, hydrate your lips with a moisturising lip balm. Proceed with your skin care regime or base make-up to let your lips soak in the moisture. Dab off the excess balm with a tissue and apply your lipstick. Trust me your lips will look amazing!

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