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This Hair Oil Is Keeping My Scalp Hydrated And My Mane Nourished This Winter Season

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Winter is coming. And I don’t mean this in an ‘oh-I-am-scared-to-fight-the-nightwalker’, what I mean is ‘I-am-scared-of-dry-AF-skin-and-hair’. No really, whatever little winter is there in Mumbai, my dramatic mane decides to abandon all semblance of hydration and pretends like I have never conditioned it at all. It just sits there limp and looking fried so I feel bad for it. I know what you’re thinking- hair oil. Except, hair oil doesn’t cut it for my stubborn locks.

If I do apply hair oil, which I do only sparingly, my hair will hold on to it like a lover. It will refuse to let go so I look like a telu many, many days after I have vigorously washed my hair. And my hair is long so vigorous shampooing literally gives me an arm workout.

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But I will get back to that. I don’t know if a lot of you face this problem but during the winter season, my scalp also dries off and starts to itch which makes it look like my head is a guesthouse for lice to come visit every December. But I can assure you and my colleagues who will read and edit this, that I have no such problems.

Given that I am not into arm workouts (or workouts of any kind), I decided to skip the coconut oil and decided to give The Earth Collective’s Hair Oil a try. It has a very earthy smell and one that is infused with a lot of herbs. I can’t really describe it but I’ll tell you it’s a refreshing smell that’s just enough to relax you. Following are the ingredient that this goodness has for you to imagine the smell. Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil, Amla Oil (Indian Gooseberry), Apricot Oil, Rose Oil, Wheat germ Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Tea tree Oil, Brahmi Oil (Bacopa Monnieri), Bhringraj Oil (Eclipta Alba), Rosemary Oil, Capsicum Oil, Ginseng Oil, Lemon Oil, Lavender Oil and Fragrance (Essential oil). Phew, that is a long list of oils. But maybe that’s what makes it smell all nice.

The ideal time to keep it on is 30 mins to overnight, but I decided to keep it on for a whole day because I decided that somehow it is going to show great results. I was not wrong and not because I kept it for a whole day because the oil is exceptionally good and the best part? It comes off in a single wash! My scalp was definitely nourished because it wasn’t itchy and my hair is softer.  Enough for me to do a hair flip like Amrita Rao from Main Hoon Na.  In this month, I have already applied the oil 3-4 times and it’s almost over. Now, I am saving some for next December or I can ask this as a secret Santa gift *laughs in evil*. So ladies, if your scalp gets as dry as mine then this is the oil you need in your life.

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