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4 Must-Try Make-Up Ideas From Sonam Kapoor

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Don’t you just love it when your favourite celebrities take the offbeat road and showcase some stunning make-up looks? Sonam Kapoor has been doing just that while promoting her new movie Neerja recently, and here are some beauty looks she’s tried that have appealed to me the most.


1. White Eyeliner

What’s the easiest way to sport a graphic eye? Use white eyeliner. Simple. White eyeliner looks chic and modern. You can either have sharp, precise lines, or a diffused blended version. Sonam’s sharp winged tip in the inner corners makes her look wide awake and alert, besides it’s a wonderful deviation from the fierce cat eye look she’s sported on two other occasions (see here and here). If you opt for a diffused, blended version of the white eyeliner, it lightens up your eyes and makes them look bigger.


2. Classic Cat Eye + Red Lip

I can’t believe how sophisticated this look is. Actually, I can. Sonam totally owns this classic combination of black cat-eye liner and bold red lips. However, I can distinctly make out very good cut-crease eye shadow work here. The cut crease method works really well in making your eyes look bigger than they are. Everyone should learn this look, since it makes your eyes pop like nothing else. It is best suited for people who have monolids.



3. Fierce Cat Eyeliner

I think I’ve made this very clear. I love doing up my eyes more than any other feature. Sonam had worn this very graphic eye liner some months back, and I was in love with it. It was fierce, to say the least. I don’t think the sharp, falcon-like eyeliner is costume-y. You can easily wear it to parties, a wedding, or any other glamorous event. Tone it down for the day or at work, though. Do not extend the inner winged tips too far, and you are gold.



4. Glitter Eyeliner

Know what? My biggest worry when attending a wedding is how to dress my face. Indian weddings are generally grand affairs, but even so you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree. You want to look striking without going overboard. This desi look from Sonam is the only wedding make-up inspiration you’ll need to decide on your look. While the rest of her make-up is either matte or gives off a very subtle sheen, the shot of glitter eyeliner is what elevates this look and makes it a must-try in my book.


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