The New Korean Nail Art Trend We’re Obsessed With

I would be lying if I said it wasn’t love at first sight when I chanced upon this trend on Instagram recently. The shattered glass manicure, or glass nails, is the brainchild of celebrity nail artist Eunkyung Park — the owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul and manicurist to pretty much every major celebrity in South Korea. Park developed the technique by sticking on minuscule strips of cellophane on her nails to create the 3D glass effect. One post on Instagram a few months ago made the trend a rage in Korea, and has now gone completely viral with salons and mani-addicts across the world mimicking the style for themselves.


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Wondering how you can do it IRL? It’s all about working with minimal designs and colours. You can also opt for a neutral base colour and wear it to work.



Here’s how to DIY it yourself: First, cut out tiny triangular shapes from an iridescent cellophane sheet. Then apply two coats of your favourite base colour, and while the second coat is still wet, place the little strips of cellophane with a toothpick dipped in water (this will help you pick up individual pieces with ease). While placing the shards, be sure to leave some space between each piece. Seal this in place with top coat.

If you’re still wondering how to do it right, check out this super simple video below. Then continue scrolling for all the inspiration you need on this utterly cool new technique. You can thank me later!



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