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Save Vs. Splurge: These Charcoal Sheet Masks Are A Must For Great Skin Days

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Let’s take a moment here to appreciate the humble piece of charcoal. I mean, this is a pretty powerful little piece. Who knew, huh? Like when it’s fired up, and you can use it to cook up gastronomical delights. And even just by itself, it is garnering quite a bit of attention for being a great skincare ingredient. So obviously, you want to grab a piece, and go to town with it in your skin. I would recommend holding off on that.

You don’t really use the same charcoal for your skin that you use for your barbeque. For skin, you want to use activated charcoal that will draw out toxins, unclog your pores, and leave you looking fresh-faced. And plenty of beauty products are now harnessing the goodness of this ingredient. But there’s nothing like giving yourself a quick facial aka using a sheet mask.

Sheet masks are like dunking your face in a really good skincare cocktail that usually gives your skin the boost it needs. And today, we have two sheet masks that are infused with all the skin-loving goodness of charcoal. There’s the splurge and the wallet-friendly version of this, because we know you like options.

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The Glamglow Bubble Sheet Mask (Rs 690)

This sheet mask comes from Hollywood-approved skincare brand, Glamglow. The mask is black and it bubbles. Wait, what? Yes, you pull it out from the packaging, and place is carefully on your face so everything is aligned. Mainly this means that you should be able to breathe. The mask actually starts to bubble and get foamy that makes for some fabulous, albeit scary, selfies. When you take it off, your skin looks cleaner, fresher and your pores will thank you. The charcoal is really working it. It’s like a detox smoothie, but for your face. Yes, it might leave your wallet a lot emptier than you want, but hey, it’s totally worth it.

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DearPacker Home Remedy Mask – Charcoal (Rs 100)

For just Rs.100, this DearPacker sheet mask packs quite a punch. The mask is black, so maybe you want to save entertaining guests for another day, so as to not spook them. This is mildly fragranced, so if your skin is very sensitive, maybe steer clear of this. Once you’ve got this nicely fitted, grab a book, watch your favourite show or simply catch up some sleep as the mask works its magic. Once you take it off, all the gunk in your pores is sucked out, the skin gets all glowy, and generally you look like you’re having a great skin day.

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