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I Tried A Face Wash With AHA In It And Here’s Why I Recommend It To You

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You might already know that I love face wash and I don’t mean it in a steal from people’s houses and hoard kind of a way. I mean in a way that I love that clean feeling on my face so much, sometimes I go through multiple rounds. Yeah, I might have a little problem! But washing my face on the daily has helped keep those pesky pimples that pop every now and then like those relatives you don’t like.

So yet again I was browsing because I absolutely have no life and I came across this brand Re’equil and no it was not love at first sight. But then I came across people who sang praises of this product and I knew I had to get myself a Re’equil because paise toh ped pe uggte hai!

Now for someone who has a normal skin type (I’m not boasting I promise) I usually don’t do a lot of research while buying skincare products but it helps if they have an extra something.  And Re’equil’s face wash happens to be infused with AHA. Yeah I can already see your confused looks at this point.

What is AHA?

AHA stands for alpha hydroxy acid which means that they are water soluble acids that are made from sugar infused fruits.

How does AHA help?

It helps remove the surface of your skin so that there’s room for new and evenly pigmented skin. This is best recommended for people with dry skin.


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Since the face wash has AHA I didn’t see any harm in trying out the face wash. The product feels very light and non-sticky or even too foamy. And that’s mainly because it’s soap and sulphate free, which is healthy for your skin! The texture is glycerine like with just a little water added to it. The face wash smells like a luxurious perfume that does not overwhelm you. It’s just perfect.

After using the face wash for the first time I felt fresh and I could actually see the difference. My skin felt more soft and smoother than before. The colour of neck and face matched for the first time after that horrible tan I had gotten from a school picnic. Yes, you might have to dole out a little extra from the face wash since it’s soap free but hey, at least it’s taking care of your skin. What are you doing? *hmph*


All in all I am genuinely very happy with the product and would recommend everyone with to try this one out.


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