10 Questions You NEED To Ask Your Dermatologist

I’m all for exchanging notes on skincare, swapping recipes for DIY face packs, and the works. However, in the last few years I’ve realised how important it is to consult a dermatologist to tackle persistent skin issues or just general good kin habits. Not only does a dermatologist have a better understanding of your issues, he or she can also work out a proper skin care regimen for you. But before you rush to one, arm yourself with some pertinent questions you must ask your dermat for them to be able to help you better.

1. What’s causing my acne?

One of the most pressing skin issues of our generation, acne not only mars your face but is painful and can leave a serious dent in your self-confidence. Sometimes, acne is caused as much by clogged pores and bacteria as hormonal imbalances, diet, and stress. This makes it all the more important to know exactly what is triggering your breakout so that you can tackle it properly.

2. Is it possible to get rid of scars?

How soon or long it will take for your scars to fade depends on the severity of your acne, and how deep and old your scars are.

3. What moisturiser should I use?

I’ve repeated this time and again: no matter what your skin type, everyone should use moisturiser. It is extremely important to keep your skin hydrated so that you can delay the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. Ask your dermat to suggest a light one for the day and a heavier formula for the night.

4. What sunscreen should I use?

There are hundreds of sunscreens in the market, but which one suits your skin type (e.g.: gel-based solutions work best for oily skin) and your lifestyle is important to know. If you spend long hours in the sun, you will need something with a higher SPF.

5. How frequently should I exfoliate?

We’ve established the fact that exfoliating is important for every skin type. However, every skin is different and so are its needs. Ask your dermatologist how often you can exfoliate, and which ingredients should you look for in your exfoliating product. People with sensitive skin should ensure they use gentler products. Also read this important article on why you should AVOID exfoliating products with microbeads in them.

6. Which foods should I watch out for?

Lately, it has become fashionable for a lot of folks to cut out gluten from their diets, whether they are allergic to it or not. Don’t fall prey to fads. Go over your diet with your dermatologist to be able to put your finger on the rogue element in your diet that’s coming between you and the clear skin of your dreams, and also include all that’s lacking from your diet.

7. Which ingredients do not work with my skin?

It is important to acquaint yourself with the ingredients in your skincare products. Just like certain foods don’t do anything for your skin, certain ingredients might not work with your skin type. Benzoyl peroxide works well as a spot treatment for acne, but it also makes your skin dry and itchy, which means it’s not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

8. Is it safe to go out in the sun with this treatment?

Depending on the oral or topical treatments you’ve been prescribed, sun exposure may not be a good idea. It only makes sense then to confirm with your doctor about the same.

9. Is it safe to get a facial?

There’s nothing better than a luxurious spa weekend, but sometimes your monthly facial could be doing more harm than good. So it makes sense to consult your dermatologist instead of wasting time, money and energy in getting one that will irritate and ruin your skin.

10. Is there a difference in my moles, sun spots, etc. since my last appointment?

Not all sun spots and moles are an indication of skin cancer. However, it doesn’t hurt to err on the side of caution and ask. Don’t obsess over every spot you get, but certainly get them checked each time you visit the dermatologist.

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