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Psst…Makeup Lovers! Too Faced Is Here And Here Are My Top Two Picks From The Brand. I Am In Love

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If you spend enough time on Youtube, and if you’re like me, you do, then you will know that there are many, many makeup brands that haven’t come to India yet. And you’re like, this brand, ‘I need it in my life.’ Of course, no one is listening most of the time and as the beauty Youtuber holds up the 50th neutral palette, you want it. And unless you go through an obstacle course of ordering it with a cousin, said cousin avoiding you, then you ordering online and then submitting your kidney at the customs in India, you can’t access the brand.

So every time Nykaa drops a new brand, I squeal with excitement. This is the stuff I have been waiting for. And I promptly sell my house to buy everything from the line. I am talking about this today because even as you read this, Too Faced has arrived. Yes! Too Faced, the brand that makes products that are good enough to eat is at the arrival gate and I suggest we just throw everything we have at it.

Okay, let’s calm down and stop panting for a second. Okay, a minute because age is catching up and my breath is coming in short gasps. Point is, yes you want everything but perhaps all this goodness is overwhelming. So, let’s talk about the two things you absolutely must have from the brand. And I am coming from a place of good intentions and also having tried these out, I can guide you well.

First of all, let me answer the burning question. Is this mascara better than sex? That would be a resounding yes. Before you judge me for nothing having had great sex, let me tell you, that is probably true. But still, this is the eye-opening, toe curling mascara of your dreams. Think lifted, fuller lashes that look so good, some would think you have falsies on. No, but really, this is really good. You can go over your lashes a couple of times without them getting all clumpy. And it gives you the blackest coverage – so black your soul will cower in a corner. I absolutely loved it and if there’s one thing you should get from Too Faced with your eyes closed, or very, very open is this mascara.

You can have enough eye palettes and I would still ask you to get this. Yes, I know, you don’t need more colours, but you see, this is literally the one palette you will need. There are enough mattes for you to create a look. There are a couple of satin-finish shades for when you want to rush out of the door but need something to look put together. And then there are these pressed glitter shadows that have my heart, my lungs, my everything. I am living for Diamond Life which is a prismatic shadow with glints of diamond sparkle and some blue sparkle. OMFG, this is it. This! A caveat though, the diamond can get all over if you swipe it over your eyelid. You want to gently pat it on. Here’s the deal. If you can never buy a palette again (too dramatic), this will still sail you through – keep this handy, especially when you’re going for a wedding.

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