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Skincare Basics For The Girl On The Go

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As much as we’d like to turn into couch potatoes, going out of the house is part of every grown-ass woman’s life. The worst part is there’s no escaping the sun, pollution, and every other thing that comes with being outdoors. That’s why it’s super important to upgrade your skincare routine to make sure you don’t become a victim of it all!

Being exposed to the harmful UV rays can damage the texture of your skin by causing wrinkles, pigmentation, and worse still, sagging skin! But this skincare guide will help you stop damage and ageing right in its tracks!

1. Never skip the sunscreen

The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of your sunscreen tells you how effective it is in blocking the harmful rays of the sun. Whether it is sunny AF, or it’s raining cats and dogs, you must wear a sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher.

Don’t limit the sunscreen application just to the face area. Use it all over your body as the skin on your arms and legs is just as important. Apply it at least 20 minutes before you leave your house, and re-apply it every three hours or so.

And just to be clear, UV rays can even penetrate glass, so you have no excuse for forgoing your daily dose of SPF.

2. Dress like a Ninja

If you are travelling through a heavily polluted area, cover your face with a scarf. Wrap the scarf on your forehead, ear to ear, then bring it to the front and wrap it over your nose and tie a knot at the back of your head. This will protect your face as well as your hair.

3. Sunnies to the rescue!

Protecting your eye area is just as important as protecting your face from the sun. All that squinting can cause wrinkles around your eyes, you know. Sunglasses are a must-have when stepping outside in the heat. Do keep in mind that not all sunglasses will give you protection, so check the label, and opt for ones that block 99% to a 100% of UVA as well as UVB rays.

4. Shield yourself

Wear a hat or use an umbrella when you are having some fun in the sun. A few of the easiest areas to forget when it comes to protecting ourselves from the sun, are our neck, ears, and most importantly our hair. It is only fair to protect these area with a wide brimmed hat or an umbrella. While you’re at it, also wear clothes that are light and breathable, but cover up most of your skin.

5. Walk in the shade

Trust me, it’s not overrated. It’s the perfect way to avoid the harmful rays of the sun. That said, you still need your sunscreen!


6. Blot Away

Blotting sheets are an essential when it comes to removing all the excess oil from your face without smudging the makeup or being too harsh on your skin. Always carry a pack of blotting sheets in your bag in order to soak up excess oil, and keep from clogging your pores.

7. Refresh your face

A spiff of rose-scented face mist is one of my favourite ways to keep my skin fresh on the go! Carry a facial mist with you to keep your skin hydrated, and give it that sense of much-needed freshness.

8. Rub and scrub

Yes, UV-repellent laundry detergents are a thing! Use these detergents to wash your daily wear as they coat clothing with microscopic crystals that prevent UV rays from penetrating the fabric and getting to your skin.

So, the next time you step outside your house, do keep these tips in mind to protect your skin!


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