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Glitter Makeup: Yay Or Nay?

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All that glitters might not necessarily always be gold! If you’ve had the slightest love for arts and crafts when you were five years old, you’d know that glitter is essential to everything, and as we grew older, the element moved from our canvased artisans, straight on to our faces. Shine is good, but what about full-on glitter? We’ve seen glitter makeup catching on like wild fire this season. With the crazy use of glitter on lips and eyebrows, we check out if this beauty trend is one to give a go, or say hell no!



Sparkle Lips

British makeup maestro Pat McGrath was the talk of beauty town after she released her sparkling lip kits and everyone from RiRi to Naomi Campbell were giving this look a go! Recently emerging at DKNY’s showcase this season from NYFW, we saw the glitter-lip take over the runway with models like Bella Hadid and Josephine Skriver interestingly pull-off the vampy sparkle! With three colours to choose from, Pat McGrath’s eponymous lip kit has been a hot favourite internationally and has sold out immediately after its release.

#HautePoll: Yay! Go for it.



Shiny Eyebrows

Now this one I am little skeptical about. I mean who would like to walk around like they were head-bumped by Edward Cullen right?  But who am I to talk…we did see a whole lot of glitter beards and and hair roots this year! Besides lips, glitter eyebrows have been trending in the beauty-scape, especially among beauty gurus and celebs (Hola! Miley Cyrus). Now this might look amazing on the runway, but in reality would it work as well? I think it looks fabulous in a makeup-artist sort of manner, but for party wear… I am not all that convinced. A dress-up fancy party, or for Christmas maybe? I am also not too fazed about the application–the glue has to be of the right consistency or else you’re going to end up with no eyebrows whilst taking the glitter off! I have seen horrifying YouTube videos to prove it. It’s not even something I could categorise as ‘painful yet beautiful’, therefore I would suggest giving glitter eyebrows a miss.

#HautePoll: Nay! Please don’t.



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