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How To Get The Haute New Trend, Chrome Nails

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Unless you live under a sizeable rock, you know what chrome nails are by now. Just in case you don’t know, let me explain. There’s a chrome powder which can be added to your nails that leaves it with a mirror-like effect.


Not only are they shiny, they also make for some amazing Instagram photos. It’s no wonder practically everyone I know is rushing to a salon to get some.


As a girl who doesn’t get regular manicures, I couldn’t wait to reach parlour and get in on some of this chrome action. Once my nails were sufficiently buffed and shaped, I went through the same motions you do when you’re getting that pristine gel polish on. After that’s done, UV rays and all, chrome glitter is rubbed onto your nails with a makeup sponge which leaves it looking like this.


The chrome lasts for up to 10 days, depending on the kind of work you do with your hands on a daily basis, and can be easily touched up once it chips.


Where To Get Them

In a city like Mumbai, where there’s a new salon popping up every other day, it shouldn’t be hard to find a place that does chrome. PAM’s Nail Salon, Glory, and NailSpa are 3 places that will get you the look in all kinds of colours, shapes, and styles. The price ranges from Rs 700 to Rs 1,500, depending on the salon and the base you’re going for — which isn’t as much as I expected it to be, considering how great it looks!


So, are you ready to get your chrome game on?


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