9 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Mascara

Mascara Mistakes

Applying mascara is a no-brainer. You don’t really need hours of practice or any level of expertise to do it right. I mean it’s not contouring or strobing: those classify as “Expertise Level: Pro”. And yet I see so many people committing mascara faux pas. I can totally know when you’ve unintentionally worked the clumpy lash trend!

However, this isn’t something you can’t fix. Here are some common mascara mistakes that lots of women make, then wonder why they have wonky lashes. Read, learn and share, ladies!

1. You’re piling on the coats

The maximum number of coats you should have on is three. Anymore, and it’s Disasterville. You want the mascara to open up your peepers, not make them look like you’ve got a creepy crawlies growing out of them! Also, you need to apply each coat in quick succession. If you try applying mascara over a dry, stiff coat it will make your lashes clump, and not in a fashionable way.

2. You’re pumping the wand too much

Pumping the mascara wand into the bottle repeatedly only pumps air into the product, which means your product will dry out sooner, making it clumpy and flaky. If you can’t seem to get enough product out, try using this hack.

3. You don’t trash your used product in time

We know a good mascara is not cheap but holding on to it when it’s way past its prime only means two things: eye infections and styes. A red, itchy eye isn’t a good look on anyone. Not sure when you should throw out your products? Read this.

4. You don’t do the “wiggle & shake”

Do you position the mascara wand horizontally in front of your eye and cover your lashes in a single straight swipe? You’re never going to get every lash covered this way, no matter how fabulous your formula. To create volume and lengthen lashes, start the wand from the root of your lashes, then wiggle up towards the tip in a zigzag manner. Start from the top of your lashes, then do it inside, and back outside in short swift movements.


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5. You’re being forceful

Although you are supposed to start at the base of your lashes, don’t press too hard or you will get product all over your eyelids.

6. You do not wipe the wand

If you use thicker formulas, you’ll get a lot of product when you pull the wand out of the tube. If your wand is overloaded with product, it’ll make your lashes clumpy. Wipe off the excess on a paper towel and then coat your lashes.

7. You’re Not using spoolies

After you’ve applied a coat of mascara, separate your lashes with the aid of a spoolie brush. This also helps in spreading the product through your lashes evenly.

8. You’re working the top lashes first

Most people apply mascara on their top lashes before the bottom. When you apply mascara on the lower lashes, you have to tilt your head up slightly to coat them well. And unless your mascara is a quick-dry formula, your still-wet mascara on top will likely stain your eyelid or brow bone when you tilt your head up. Always start with your lower lashes first.

9. You put on mascara before curling

Many people prefer using a curler after applying mascara because lashes seem to hold curl much better. Applying mascara hardens the lashes, and curling your product-laden, hardened lashes will clump them and also cause breakage. Eyelashes are very fragile and must be handled with care. Always curl BEFORE applying mascara.

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