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The Eyebrow Pencil That Is Shaping Baishali’s Brows…And Life!

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I’ve always had a pretty volatile relationship with my eyebrows. While the hair on the rest of the my body always seems to be in a hurry to grow out, my eyebrows do their own thing.

Growing up, my eyebrows were unshapely and sparse and thin, and my sister had to literally drag me to the parlour to get them done. Once I started, of course, I couldn’t stop — it was like I was living in eyebrow dungeon, every month.

Anyway, when I was young (read: way too many years ago), thin eyebrows were the shit. So I went with it. Today, of course, the trends may have changed but my eyebrows remain as stubborn as ever — growing out every month…weirdly. Every parlour lady I’ve met thinks I purposely mess ’em brows, but really?

So, when the umpteenth parlour lady looked at my eyebrows and shook her head, I had had it. I knew it was time to do something about my brows like not wow! Enter a brow pencil.


Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper_Hauterfly

Maybelline New York Fashion Brow Duo Shaper

After my editor, Zahra, went on and on about the brow pencil and gel that actually made her brows like wow, I figured it was time. The launch of the Maybelline New York Fashion Brow Duo Shaper last month couldn’t have been timed better.

This brow shaper is part of the brand’s Fashion Brow Range that comes equipped with 3 different products for different kind of eyebrows — the Fashion Brow Pomade Crayon for bushy, unruly brows; the Fashion Brow Cream Pencil for thin, shapeless brows; and the Brow Duo Shaper for sparse, uneven brows, aka mine.

With a natural mineral finish, this product gives you well-defined, thicker brows that look soft and natural. It fills in gaps (I have a massive one where my left brow begins), and helps sharpen the arch (#love), without making it look like you grew caterpillars on your face overnight…or like you’re Cara Delevingne.

The thing is that brows make a huge difference to your face, and I’ve only truly realised this once I started using this product a couple of weeks ago. My brows look so much better, so much so that people have actually noticed.

If you have similar woes like mine, I don’t see any reason you shouldn’t spend Rs 240 (so cheap!) on making a world of difference to your face.

SHOP NOW: Maybelline New York Fashion Brow Duo Shaper (Rs 240)


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