4 Makeup Tips To Contour Like Athiya Shetty For Chiselled Look

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There’s something undeniably captivating about soft glam makeup. It strikes the perfect balance between a flawless, contoured face and a natural, radiant glow. If you’ve been following the beauty scene, you might have noticed that Athiya Shetty, the Bollywood beauty and fashion icon, has mastered the art of soft glam makeup. Her signature look is all about enhancing her natural features, and it’s the perfect inspiration for when you want to achieve that perfectly contoured face without going overboard.

We’ll take you through the 4 steps to recreate Athiya Shetty’s contoured makeup look.


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1. Choose The Right Contour Product

Athiya Shetty’s signature chiselled look is all about subtle and natural contouring. Opt for a cream or powder contour product that’s only a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. Cream contours provide a more natural finish, while powder contours are great for oily skin types. Be sure to choose a product with a matte finish to avoid any unwanted shine.


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2. Master the Art of Placement

Contouring is all about strategically placing darker and lighter shades to sculpt your face. Athiya Shetty focuses on these key areas:

1. Cheekbones: Apply the contour product just below your cheekbones, blending it upwards and towards your temples for a lifted effect.

2. Jawline: Define your jawline by applying contour along the lower edge.

3. Nose: Slim down your nose by applying a thin line of contour along the sides.

4. Forehead: Make your forehead appear smaller by applying contour along the hairline.

5. Chin: Create the illusion of a sharper chin by applying contour along the jawline.


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3. Highlight Strategically

To enhance the contour, use a highlighter to accentuate the high points of your face. Athiya Shetty often opts for a champagne or pearl-toned highlighter on her cheekbones, down the bridge of her nose, on the Cupid’s bow, and a touch on the brow bone. This step adds dimension to your face, making your features pop.


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4. Set It in Place

Lastly, don’t forget to set your makeup in place to ensure it lasts all day. Athiya Shetty’s makeup looks are known for their longevity. Use a translucent setting powder to set your foundation and contour. This step helps control shine and keeps your makeup intact, so you can maintain that chiselled look for hours.

Athiya Shetty’s soft glam makeup look always appears fresh, thanks to this crucial step.

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