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You Won’t Believe How Easy Jackie’s Housefull 3 Makeup Is!

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Jacqueline Fernandez is one of the prettiest ladies we stalk on a regular basis at Hauterfly. Her hair and makeup are always #OnPoint. Once in a while, we know the exact products that go into creating her look like this fierce smoked out cat-eye that she wore last month. So our joy knew no bounds when her makeup artist Shaan Muttathil recreated Jackie’s look in her latest movie Housefull 3 on his YouTube channel. The opening scene is the only one in the movie where she is seen in traditional Indian attire, and is a natural, minimal makeup look.

Considering that the bare-faced, “no makeup” makeup look is trending right now, we thought it is only apt to share this video with you guys. The general attitude is to wear heavy makeup with intense kohl-rimmed eyes, especially when dressing up in desi outfits. However, Shaan shows you how the natural look works for literally any kind of ensemble. The video features entertainer and YouTube sensation Prajakta Koli of Mostly Sane fame. I like the idea of featuring her as a model, since she has a dusky complexion while Jacqueline is on the fairer end, so the diversity just proves that this makeup look is for everybody, no matter what your skin colour is.

In the video, Shaan dishes out his makeup secrets like always mixing two or more foundations to get the perfect match, with Stila’s Perfect & Correct Foundation being his absolute favourite. It also acts like a primer while offering good coverage. You can see that he barely uses any foundation, using a Q-tip to dab a tiny bit only in the areas that require the product. He uses a yellow concealer to colour correct the uneven patches. Apart from the winged eyeliner, there’s nothing else that is statement-making but the end result is abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous. Prajakta is positively glowing, and I think this is a good luck on any age group Hauterfly approves!


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