Hyderabad Woman Suffers Beauty Parlour Stroke During Hair Wash In Salon. Here’s All You Need To Know About It.

Hyderabad Woman Suffers Beauty Parlour Stroke During Hair Wash In Salon. Here’s All You Need To Know About It.

We love going to spas to relax, don’t we? A nice head and neck massage are all we need to destress sometimes! But imagine going to the spa to relax and coming out on a stretcher with a stroke! Yes, this horrible thing was experienced by a woman in Hyderabad. She had gone to get her hair cut but before it, the hairdresser took her for a hair wash. She experienced a stroke when the woman bent her neck back on the hair to wash her hair. This condition is called the beauty parlour stroke. The neurologist treating her brought her condition to light on Twitter.

The Hyderabad-based Neurologist D Sudhir Kumar took to the micro-blogging site to inform people about this case. He wrote that he recently had a 50-year-old woman referred to him who was showing symptoms of dizziness, nausea and vomiting. The symptoms showed up post her spa appointment where she had gone for the haircut. A gastroenterologist began the first line of treatment on her.

The doctor further informed that symptoms did not improve and she had developed a ‘mild imbalance’ while walking. An MRI was done and it revealed ‘infarct in right posterior inferior cerebellar territory’ and an ‘MR angiogram showed left vertebral hypoplasia’.

What is a beauty parlour stroke?

He also explained the possible cause of this could be the ‘kinking of the vertebral artery during hyperextension and the turning of the neck towards wash basin while washing hair with shampoo’. He labelled this term as ‘beauty parlour stroke’.

As a concluding note, the doctor spread awareness that stroke can affect the vertebrobasilar artery territory before washing hair in the parlour. He also informed that prompt recognition and treatment can prevent disability.

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This news has scared me so much that I think I will wash my hair at home and only then go for a haircut. Uff, who would have thought a realizing session could turn into a health hazard?

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