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#HauteList: The Best Beauty Launches Of April 2018

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There’s never a dull day in Beautyville. There are tons of products hitting the shopping aisles. Every. Single. Day. Products that promise nothing but the best, begging you to upgrade your beauty game.

While a true-blue beauty junkie will swear that it takes nerves of steel to not willfully go bankrupt, one has to ask the pertinent question: are these products worth the hype? That’s where we come in.

In our monthly Best of Beauty series, we go through the process of rounding up some of the best new releases in skincare, hair care, makeup, the works. We sift through the gimmicks and tall claims, and present to you products that definitely live up to the hype.

Kiko Milano Green Me

Move over, regular products. The new Kiko Milano Green Me range has products that come packed with the goodness of natural ingredients. The range features makeup, skincare and accessories that are good for you, and great for nature too. (Their packaging is eco-friendly.) Let’s go green!

Kiko Milano Green Me range is available at Kiko Milano stores around the country

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lash Multi Effects Mascara (Rs. 2500)

This summer, ditch the boring blacks, even for your eyelashes. Estee Lauder has introduced limited edition Pure Color Envy Lash Multi Effects Mascara, and this comes in fun shades of purple, blue and green. We are also lusting after the Crystal Lash Top Coat, which is a colourless burst of glitter for the lashes. This is eye-poppin’ stuff!

Dr. Sheth’s

First of all, no, this does not smell like a chemistry lab. But we can see why this would be a concern. It’s called the Clarifying Sulphur Mask. This brand has products developed by dermatologists, so they have our vote. No pressure, of course. This mask can be used to brighten and clarify, and also for spot treatments and it has sulphur and clay. They are calling it the ultimate detox for pores. We are nodding along vigorously.

You can buy Dr. Sheth’s products in major retail outlets or their clinic in Juhu. Visit their website here.

Smashbox Photo Edit Eye Shadow Trio (Rs.1900)

Eye shadows need a lot of work, copious amounts of blending, and they simply don’t lend themselves to on-the-go looks. Smashbox is changing all that by offering eye shadow trios that amp up the glam factor with a mix of glitter and matte eye shadows in one smashing (excuse the pun) palette. You can create a look in minutes, and you’ve everything you need at hand. You’ll have to figure out the winged eyeliner yourself, though.

Jo Malone Cologne Intense Jasmine Sambac & Marigold (Rs 7,100 for a 50 ml)

The curators of everything that smells heavenly, Jo Malone introduced a new fragrance inspired by India. The scent features Jasmine Sambac and Marigold, an unusual mix, but one that works wonderfully. As with all Jo Malone fragrances, the notes are heady, unique, but come together for a subtly sophisticated blend.

Jo Malone fragrances are available at Jo Malone boutiques across India. Find the closest one here.

Maybelline Bride Tribe Range (Rs.325 onwards)

This is a box that’s packed with excitement. The Maybelline Bride Tribe is a range that features metallic matte lipsticks (there are some blues and greens in here for those who want to go bold), and a fabulous highlighter that can be seen from Mars. There are some colourful, glittery eyeliners that we’ve been wearing consistently, so we may be addicted.

Nyassa Alphonso Hand Cream (Rs. 245)

Summers are synonymous with mangoes, and Nyassa (god bless them) decided to infuse their products with the delicious goodness of this fruit. The soap and hand cream put mangoes in the spotlight, and smell good enough to eat (not recommended!). It’s great to have around your desk to keep your hands feeling smooth, and also to make other people hungry.

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