A Smoothie Mask For Frizz-Free Hair

A Smoothie Mask For Frizz-Free Hair

Summer, winter or monsoon, no matter which season it is, trying to tame frizzy hair is something we all struggle with. While we love the feeling of a luxurious spa treatment, it is not always convenient or practical. Here’s how you can deal with a frizzy hair crisis at home.

Blend an avocado (without its kernel, of course!), two whole eggs and a tablespoon of honey into a smoothie-like consistency. Section hair and apply from root to tip. Cover your head with plastic wrap and leave it on for 20 minutes. Alternately, you can also cover your head with a towel dipped in hot water. The steam will ensure your smoothening mask penetrates deeper. You can wash and condition your hair after. Why is this so good? Avocado conditions tresses and revitalises the scalp as it is rich in amino acids, while honey helps combat dryness. Egg yolk with its protein and lecithin-rich content, gives strength and infuses shine.

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