How To Stop Your Under-Eyes From Creasing This Summer Season

No More Creasing Under Eyes!
How To Stop Your Under-Eyes From Creasing This Summer Season

Summer is in full swing, my friend, and you know what that means, sweaty days, and makeup that seems to have a mind of its own that creases under your eyes all the time. But fear not because we have got the best tips and tricks for a creaseless undereye. Whether you’re heading to work, or simply slaying the summer game, we’ve got your back (or should I say, your under-eyes) covered.

1. Hydration Is Key

First things first, darling. Keep yourself hydrated like it’s your full-time job. Drink plenty of water because hydrated skin is happy skin, and happy skin is less likely to crease. So, say goodbye to those dehydration lines and hello to a fresh, plump under-eye area.

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2. Prime Time

Just like you need a good primer for your flawless foundation, your under-eye area needs some prep too. Invest in a lightweight, hydrating eye primer to create a smooth canvas. Not only will it keep your concealer in place, but it will also minimize the chances of creasing. Double win!

3. Light As A Feather

When it comes to the summer season, heavy under-eye makeup is a big no-no. Opt for lightweight formulas like a sheer concealer or a tinted moisturizer. These babies will provide coverage without weighing you down or settling into those fine lines. Remember, we want effortless beauty, not a cakey disaster.

4. The Patting Game

Alright, listen up. Instead of swiping your concealer under your eyes like you’re painting a masterpiece, pat it gently with your ring finger. The warmth of your finger will help blend the product seamlessly, ensuring a flawless finish. And here’s a pro tip: use your pinky finger for extra precision because, honey, details matter!

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5. Set it And Forget it

Setting your under-eye makeup is crucial, especially during the summer heat. Grab a lightweight, translucent powder and dust it over your concealer using a fluffy brush. But here’s the catch: be gentle with the amount. You don’t want to create a flour factory under your eyes.

Now go out there and slay the summer like the fierce queen you are!

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