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7 Ponytails To Inspire Your New Year’s Eve Hairstyle

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Until fairly recently, wearing braids or ponytails was a total beauty no no because it was deemed way too preppy for the cool set. However, just like the braid has witnessed a major revival this year, ponytails too have come a long way. Depending on how you style it, you can channel a young, fun, and flirty vibe, or one that’s seriously sophisticated.

Considering the ponytail as a party-worthy hairstyle though, is uncharted territory. And that’s exactly why I think ponytails are PERFECT for New Year’s eve.

Scroll through for some cool DIY videos, and tell us which one you’ll be wearing in the comments.


My pet peeve when it comes to wearing my hair in a ponytail is that it makes the top of my head look flat. And let’s admit that poofs are getting a tad bit boring now. This video gives you four different upgrades to the poof that are really edgy and easy to do. I don’t see why you can’t wear these with your LBDs or jumpsuits on the big night.


At first I was torn between the ponytails marked for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. That was until I saw the ponytail inspiration for Sunday, which is BEYOND gorgeous! It is so dreamy and romantic, and SO perfect for NYE.


Girls, I’m going to bombard you with twisted hair tutorials because twists are THE easiest hairstyles known to (wo)mankind. And there’s no reason why you should deprive your hair of the beauty that is the twist. Once you master the basic twist, there is no looking back. You can style your hair in a million ways — I am NOT exaggerating. Just look at this twisted ponytail. It looks like a wreath on the crown and has such a fun, flirty vibe that you must try.


What do you get when you have soft, loose, tousled waves, some loose pieces in the front and a few micro braids? A beautiful ponytail of diva-esque proportions.


Now ponytails have always channeled a very young, school-girl vibe, but this lady here gives it a rock chic, mohawk twist like no other. You see the power of French braids here. Try this ponytail for a fierce, edgy look.


Although I’m not a fan of the first hairstyle, the other two ponytails are great. If low ponytails are more your thing, start watching from 2:53 for some pretty, ladylike low ponytail isnpiration.


Remember how we drooled over Deepika Padukone’s upside-down French-braided topknot? Any reason why you can’t turn it into a ponytail? I can think of none. This double French-braided ponytail is young, fierce, and edgy, although I strongly advise against spraying your hair with water before braiding it. Use dry shampoo to create texture instead.


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