10 Ways To Get The Curly Hair Of Your Dreams

Curly hair, don’t care? Not quite, lady. Often mistaken for being low maintenance, curly hair is anything but. It has a mind of its own, and almost every curly-haired girl has a love-hate relationship with her mop. Maintaining and rocking curls is a lot of work, and all that effort is worth it when you have statement-making hair. The first step towards caring for your lovely tresses is to accept and embrace them in all their curly glory.

1. Go easy on the shampoo

Curly hair is the most fragile and dry of all the hair types. Shampooing your hair often will strip it of its natural oils and make it brittle. The “co-washing” (washing with conditioner only) or “no poo” (washing without using shampoo) techniques are best suited for curly hair. However, if you find that too radical, try going easy on the shampoo instead. Limit the number of times you wash your hair to no more than twice a week. Also consider switching your shampoo to sulphate-free options.

2. Condition more

Since curly hair is naturally dry (and dry translates to frizzy), a moisturising conditioner is your BFF. Curly hair tends to look dry and frazzled at the ends because natural oils from the scalp can’t reach them. This is why you should use a deep-conditioning treatment at least once a week and switch it up with your regular conditioner. Avoid using a really heavy conditioner that’s going to weigh your hair down and leave it looking limp from the top.

3. Keep the towel at bay

Towel drying curly hair is the worst mistake you can make. This is how you should be drying your hair.

4. Invest in curly hair products

Dry hair and/or exaggerated volume are two things that put off curly-haired girls from using hair products. However, don’t let that deter you. Pick products that are meant especially for curly hair — ones that are nourishing and have oils to seal in moisture. Also get yourself a good anti-frizz serum. Avoid products that have high doses of alcohol as those will leave your hair dry and crunchy. (Hair sprays have a considerable amount of alcohol.) Pick water-soluble gels that don’t feel sticky and aerated mousses — the kind that look like whipped cream — to control your style and add shine.

5. Blow dry with a diffuser

Your hair is better off air-dried, but if you must blow-dry then do so with a diffuser. First apply a heat-protecting/curl-enhancing product, scrunch, then flip your hair upside down and diffuse at the roots. Dry your hair up to your mid-length, so that your curls don’t open up and lose their shape. Let the remainder of your hair air-dry since they are drier and tend to get damaged.

6. Stay off styling tools

Don’t try to tame your hair into submission by blow-drying them at the highest heat setting or using a flat iron to straighten them. You’re actually frying your already delicate hair and making it more susceptible to breakage and split ends. Doing this will not only make your hair lose its natural curl pattern over time, but also make its bouncy quality rather limp.

7. Don’t get touchy feely

Keep your hands off your hair. Don’t endlessly roll and twist them around your fingers or flatten them with your palms. This will only create friction and mess up the hair cuticle, making your hair frizzy. Just like the bath towel, ditch coarse scarves and hats and opt for ones that are lined with satin if you want to accessorise.

8. Dump the hairbrush

Why would you want to ruin that lovely curl pattern by using a hairbrush? The harsh bristles of regular brushes destroy curls and turn them into a frizzy mess. Fine combs are even worse. Finger comb or use a wide-toothed comb after applying conditioner in the shower.

9. Switch to silk

Switching to a silk pillowcase will cut the agony of waking up to frizzy, tangled curls in the morning. Cotton pillowcases strip the moisture out of your hair, and the fibres lead to breakage.

10. Get a dry cut

You know how different curly hair is when it’s dry versus when it’s wet. Curly hair coils when it’s dry, while some pieces might hang loose. If your hair is cut wet, it might spring surprises after drying, and you don’t want that kind of stress. Choose a stylist who knows how to handle curly hair and insist on a semi-dry cut.

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