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This Glowing Skin Tutorial Is Perfect For Girls With Oily Skin

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It’s been a while since glowing dewy skin has been the trend du jour, and I’m totally on board with this my-skin-but-better beauty trend. After all, summer is the perfect time to flaunt a minimalist makeup trend. However, my overactive sebaceous glands render a highlighter redundant. Most times, my face shines like a 1,000-watt light bulb, and I’m sure fellow oily-skinned gals will agree with me. This is why I love makeup guru Lisa Eldridge‘s new tutorial on faking glowing skin.

Eldridge’s video is all about creating clean, fresh, lit-up skin. You want to go for “glowy” not “greasy”. And she offers lots of little nuggets of info for girls who have really oily skin throughout the video. She starts off with a mattifying sunblock. Take note girls, you can’t forgo sunscreen no matter what. Eldridge confesses to having oily skin herself and uses an oil-free, gel based sunblock. Pick a sunscreen according to your skin type to make it work for you. She then uses an aqua foundation only on the center of her face where she needs most coverage and buffs the product outwards. Notice how much she blends her foundation. This is the secret to flawless makeup, girls. When in doubt, blend!

She keeps her base largely matte since she has oily skin, and uses a highlighter to add some subtle sheen on the top of her cheekbones, the cupid’s bow, on top of the brows, and the bridge of the nose (not on the tip). She applies it with her fingers and blends the highlighter thoroughly such that you can’t see the ends. Next, she pats in some cream blush mixed with the tiniest bit of highlighter on the apples of her cheeks. The trick to looking naturally flushed is to apply blush from the centre of the iris towards the hairline. Pick a blush according to your complexion. Pastel colours look really good on fair skin whereas deep, rich pinks pump life into olive and dark tones.

This look is all about the skin, and Lisa spends considerable time blending in her products, which is key to looking natural. Also, the way she applies her products in a dabbing/tapping motion is worth taking note of. This just goes to prove that flawless makeup is less about the products and more about the technique!

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