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#HauteHacks: How To Get The Perfect Eyebrows

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Getting your eyebrows waxed, tweezed, or threaded can be a literal pain! But the feeling of getting that perfect shape, just makes it seem all worth it, doesn’t it?

Fuller brows is something on every girl’s beauty wishlist. We know that the 2000’s trend of over-plucking was absolutely ridiculous…but, hey we’re so glad that fad got done with!

The power of makeup is ridiculously amazing, and it’s time we stop underestimating it. With just a swipe, swatch, or stroke, you can create fuller brows that are very Cara Delevingne-like.

These 3 hacks will be the answer to all your brow problems!

#HauteHack 1: Use your concealer to create an outline to your brows and blend away. It makes them stand out!

#HauteHack 2: Take a fork and use it as a stencil to fill in the points of your brows.

#HauteHack 3: Brush and fix your brows with hairspray to keep the strays in place.

Check out the video above to see how to do this!

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