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So Kylie Jenner is back to updating her app after former brother-in-law and basketball star Lamar Odom’s recent near-death hospitalisation (the entire Kardashian clan rushed to be by his side). And boy are we glad. In her app’s latest tutorial with make-up artist Joyce Bonelli, Jenner talks about how she’s totally over her oversized lips and now wants to go smaller.

But that’s NOT what this post is about. Here we’re giving you the lowdown on how to get Kylie’s famous lips (without the lip injections, of course) and it’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth.


To get full lips like Kylie’s, apply a dark foundation around your Cupid’s bow and above the upper lips. Don’t go all the way down to the corners. The idea is to create a shadow around your upper lips so that they look like they are jutting out – hence the darker foundation. It works on the same principle as contouring. Next, Bonelli applies just a teeny bit of a highlighter right on the Cupid’s bow. It’s like an expert play of shadow and light.

Once you’ve got the contoured look, use a lip pencil in a shade darker than your natural lip colour and carefully overline the lip line. Only outline on the edge of your natural lip then lightly fill in the rest of your pout. Apply a coat of your favourite lipstick, gently blot, then apply a second coat. And voila…#KylieJennerLips are yours!


MAC Lip Conditioner_Hauterfly


P.S.: MAC’s Lip Conditioner Hydratant seems to be Jenner’s Holy Grail lip balm. She uses it over and over again to keep her lips supple, since lip augmentation tends to make them dry and chapped.

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