Here’s How You Can Dry Brush Your Way To Glowing Skin

It is common for us new-age girls to dismiss age-old beauty rituals as myth and old wives’ tales, until a major celebrity comes along and swears by them. The internet and it’s mother then proceed to collectively lose their minds. Pretty much like dry brushing, really. It’s probably the best thing you can do for your skin, especially in winter. Remember Renee Zellweger enthusiastically dry brushing herself in Bridget Jones’s Diary?

Why dry brushing

1. It sloughs off dead skin, which helps moisturisers absorb more efficiently. This is helpful in achieving glowing skin when the weather is cold and dry.

2. It improves blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage helps in treating water retention and overall puffiness.

3. Our skin is the largest organ in the body and helps to eliminate one third of the body’s toxins. Dry brushing removes dead, dry skin and boosts the functioning of sweat and secretion glands.

4. It is invigorating since it rejuvenates skin cells.

5. It prevents premature ageing.

6. It exfoliates skin better than when exfoliating wet skin.

How should you dry brush?

Using gentle but firm pressure, start dry brushing from the ankles up towards your legs and hips in the direction of your heart in long, circular motions. Brush your arms next, moving from the fingers towards the heart. You want to brush in the direction of your heart because that’s the direction your blood flows in. Also, always start from the left side. Work your back next followed by the abdomen, chest and neck in that order. Your chest and neck are delicate so be really gentle. You can take a shower after dry brushing and do not forget to moisturise liberally.

How much is too much?

Your skin should tingle mildly and may turn pink, but if it burns and feels raw then you’re using too much pressure. Avoid dry brushing if you have inflamed skin or have cuts or open wounds.

If you have reasonably well-behaved skin, you can dry brush once or twice a week. Otherwise, dry brushing once every few weeks should be fine. Do not be overzealous. You only want to get rid of dead skin. Although you can dry brush through the year, it is especially effective in winter.

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