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You’re Filling In Your Eyebrows All Wrong!

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IMO, eyebrows hold your entire face together. In fact, that meme about “I look like I’m listening, but in my mind I’m fixing your eyebrows” resonates strongly with me. The first thing I usually notice about a girl is her eyebrows, and more often than not I catch myself thinking how she could’ve done her brows better.

Stocking up on an assortment of brow products is not enough. It’s so important to know how to use them to put your best brow game forward. What you want to aim for is full, lush brows as opposed to Nike swooshes on your forehead. So without further ado, here’s how to fill your eyebrows to get the brows of your dreams.

1. Don’t apply gel straight from the tube

Mousses and gels are the easiest brow products to work with, regardless of how klutzy you are. However, you can go wrong with them if your wand is loaded with product, pretty much like a mascara wand. Avoid such situations by taking off excess product by wiping the wand on a paper towel first. You will then have just the right amount of product to fill in your brows, leaving little chance of staining your skin.

2. Blend, Blend, Blend!

I’ve said this before and I repeat: Brow powders are really the best products to fill in your eyebrows because they look natural. But even the best powders will look obvious if your blending is not #onpoint. You can’t fill your brows and not comb through them with a spoolie brush. Blending is key. It is important to work the product through your brows as it softens the strokes and make your brows look naturally full.

3. Don’t use a pencil directly

Generally, brow pencils are harder to work with than other products. They are not as creamy as gels and don’t glide over smoothly, which results in harsh-looking lines. Apply your brow pencil on the back of your hand to warm it up a little before using it on your brows. Also, remember to use a very light hand while working with pencils.

4. Use more than one shade

Take a moment to observe your eyebrows in their natural state. You’ll notice that they’re not as dark in the inner corners as they are around the arches. This is precisely why eyebrow powders always come in dual palettes. Use the darker colour to fill in the bald patches and the lighter colour to darken the inner corners for a more natural effect.

5. Don’t apply in a single swipe

Whether you’re filling your brows, creating arches, or grooming your brows to set them in place, the rule of thumb is to use short strokes. No matter what product you’re working with, don’t drag your brush, pencil, or gel across your eyebrows in one long swipe. Brush them upwards and outwards, following the direction of your hair growth. This gives your brows a realistic look and you can focus on areas that really need product instead of randomly sweeping it across.

6. Go easy on the highlighter

Highlighting your browbone is THE bomb. It can lift your eyebrows like nothing else and take your expertly filled in brows notches above your basic brow. However, highlighting is also quite tricky. Remember that it is about playing with light. Look at where the light naturally hits your brow bone and use a small brush to lightly dust highlighter there. Show some restraint while applying highlighter; less really is more. Look for a product that has a pearlescent sheen as opposed to shimmer and glitter.

7. Don’t zoom in

It’s a trap! When you stand too close to the mirror while doing your brows, it’s only natural to fill in your brows overzealously. Step away from the mirror at constant intervals and check what you are doing. This will prevent you from making your eyebrows look overly done up.

8. Layer your products

You’ve got to build your brows and not draw them in. You can achieve bold brows without looking caricature-ish by layering your products. First use a spoolie to brush your hair upwards and outwards. This gives you a clear picture of the areas that need filling in with your brow powder. Layer this with a tinted brow gel, which can also be used to set your eyebrows in place. This makes the colour and the finish look natural while giving you statement brows.


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