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This Is The Easiest Way To Get Smokey Eyes In 90 Seconds!

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Sometimes when I scroll through the Insta feeds of actresses, their perfect makeup looks make me go through a series of emotions. First, the jealousy sets in, followed by a moment of awe, and then the sadness slowly creeps in.

Now, I’m someone who just cannot put on makeup, and I’m always searching for hacks, tips, tricks that would help me not look like a fool when I do. And somehow I’m obsessed with eyeshadows! That’s one beauty product I can make do with.

So, I asked our in-house MUA expert to teach us an eyeshadow hack that she swears by. And guess what, she went for a smokey eye look.

Ahh… the best. Right?

Seamlessly easy and no need for a brush… Devanshi Kapadia shows you how to do a smokey eye in seconds! Not kidding. Watch the video above and see for yourself.


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